Security automation can help service providers increase threat detection capabilities and reduce response time by automating complex, repetitive, time-consuming, error-prone security tasks that are usually performed manually.  

Threat Monitor Alarms

Powerful Security Automation 

Security automation tools bring several key benefits to service providers. 

Employees with less security expertise in managing networks can, unfortunately, end up introducing human error that leads to cybersecurity breaches. Automation can help significantly decrease that chance of error. While human intervention will still be required for some tasks, many of the complex tasks requiring intimate security knowledge can be relegated to automation. This can mean fewer cyber incidents and reduced concerns about employees without security expertise making damaging mistakes that can compromise the network.

Security Automation Tools

SolarWinds Threat Monitor offers several security automation tools to help MSPs streamline their security services delivery. Threat Monitor is designed to provide: 

  • A unified security tool: Threat Monitor is built to offer a near comprehensive set of integrated security tools that work in concert to provide advanced threat detection and incident response capabilities via a single pane of glass.
  • Improved threat analysis accuracy: As hundreds of event logs are collected and multiple alarms are triggered at overwhelming speed, the log correlation capabilities in Threat Monitor can help MSPs enhance their ability to gather evidence and understand critical security event context, resulting in improved forensic analysis.
  • Rapid automated incident response: Threat Monitor automatically identifies and addresses issues in near real-time, allowing for faster and more intelligent reactions to all type‚Äôs threats. This can help stop potential breaches.