SolarWinds THREAT MONITOR – Service provider editionCentralized Security for Managed Services Providers

Get a powerful, all-in-one security information and event management (SIEM) tool designed for threat monitoring—to help you quickly detect and respond to cyberthreats while maintaining cybersecurity standards with reporting tools.  

SolarWinds® Threat Monitor – Service Provider Edition was created with managed services providers in mind to help you differentiate yourself in the market. 

It’s built to help you: 

  • Monitor for threats, respond to issues, and generate reports from nearly anywhere via a cloud-based architecture
  • Respond to cyberthreats immediately based on alarm thresholds 
  • Provision and manage multiple customers from a single, intuitive, multitenant solution
Talk to a Solution Specialist to find out how SolarWinds® Threat Monitor can help your business protect your customers from cyberthreats.


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