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Provide customer support to PCs and other devices remotely

remote pc access software

Resolve issues efficiently with powerful remote access software

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Resolve issues efficiently with powerful remote access software

Much of an MSP’s customer satisfaction depends on their ability to rapidly resolve customer issues in a way that is convenient for customers and technicians alike. Remote PC access software is key to making sure technicians can deliver high quality remote services to their customers.

SolarWinds® Take Control features a robust diagnostic toolset that helps you support more users and devices, faster and more effectively. An intuitive interface makes it easy to access device details—including each device’s OS, CPU, and network information—from a single dashboard.

To save time, technicians can transfer files in bulk using built-in drag-and-drop and copy/paste capabilities. Take Control also makes Windows commands and event logs available from the remote viewer, giving you the data and tools to perform deep diagnostics from a distance.

Enjoy rapid connections backed by robust encryption protocols

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Enjoy rapid connections backed by robust encryption protocols

Rapid service relies on rapid connection speeds—but not at the expense of customer data protection. Take Control is engineered to provide fast connection speeds (typically under 8 seconds) without compromising security.

Take Control uses sophisticated elliptic-curve Diffie-Hellman encryption and AES-256 protocols to designed to keep connections secure, and also includes multi-level authentication, two-factor authentication, and session-specific PIN generation so that your connections stay protected from unauthorized access. Earn your customers’ trust with safe software for remote access to PC and mobile devices.

Access your customers’ devices and associated technical info with crystal-clear visibility

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Access your customers’ devices and associated technical info with crystal-clear visibility

Providing effective and efficient remote support requires technicians to be able to access all relevant information and details about the workstations or devices they’re trying to troubleshoot.  

If your remote support software can’t support high-res monitors or if the remote viewer has limited functionality, technicians can’t maximize their productivity (and in turn, their customers’ productivity). Take Control provides 4K+ resolution during remote access sessions, as well as 24-bit true color multi-monitor support. You also have the ability to record sessions for quality control and search chat transcripts and session notes to trace device issue histories more efficiently.

Customize your remote PC access software to fit your needs and match your brand

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Customize your remote PC access software to fit your needs and match your brand

While Take Control is built to let you hit the ground running, it’s also important that you have enterprise remote access software that can be configured to fit your needs.

Different clients prefer different workflows, which can be overwhelming. That’s not a problem with Take Control, which helps streamline your support operations by allowing you to configure workflows for each client. Generate and schedule customized reports suited to your business’s needs and goals. To help keep your MSP business top-of-mind with customers, the software can also be outfitted with your own custom branding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the most important features to look for in remote PC access software?

Remote PC access software has the potential to add significant value and efficiency to MSPs’ relationships with their customers. Here are a few key things to look for in your search.

●    Unattended access. Unattended access allows you to efficiently maintain your customers’ devices on a regular basis, without interrupting their work schedules.
●    Session recording. Full-session recording can be a valuable resource for quality analysis. Archived sessions may also prove useful in getting new hires up to speed on your standard procedures.
●    Cutting-edge security. Remote connections can introduce a security risk, but software with security measures like AES-256 encryption, multi-factor authentication, and granular permissions can help mitigate this.
●    A mobile application. A mobile app for remote support allows MSP techs to support customers on-the-go from Android and iOS devices.

Why is remote access software important for MSPs?

Remote assistance tools make it possible for customers to get in contact with skilled technicians without the need to be in the same room. This technology is critical to how most modern MSPs operate and structure their business and services.

Remote PC access software allows your team to perform standard tasks like installing and updating software, configuring new systems, testing applications in development, standardizing provisioning practices, and providing user support, entirely over the internet. All of this allows your MSP to increase the efficiency of your services from a distance.

What other remote assistance tools does Take Control provide?

SolarWinds Take Control has additional features that include the ability to provide your customers with both attended and unattended user support.  Unattended support (where the user doesn’t need to be present) allows you to run routine updates after hours and behind the scenes without interrupting anyone’s workflow. The built-in password vault and leading encryption protocols helps ensure that the connections are more secure.

For instances when you do need a user present, Take Control makes it easy to communicate with your customers, offering VoIP and live chat features, multi-monitor support, 4K high-definition detail, and a resolution rate that automatically adjusts itself to your connection speed so that it doesn’t throttle your bandwidth.

Top 3 Remote Access Security Risks

With enterprise-level data breaches at an all time high, business leaders all over the world are asking the same question: Is remote access secure? As an MSP, you know that minimizing security risks associated with remote access relies on a few things, including implementing security procedures and protocols that will protect against cyber attacks and safeguard against the unauthorized access of confidential information.

Remote access provides managed services providers the flexibility to perform a wide range of IT tasks from anywhere. These tasks include everything from IT maintenance and troubleshooting to asset tracking and bandwidth monitoring

Unfortunately, partnering with an inexperienced MSP who is not armed with the right tools to perform the job effectively can leave an organization open to countless security risks. Some of the most common security risks associated with ineffective remote management include:

  1. Not encrypting data. Encryption is often considered the most effective way to achieve data security, and is defined as "the conversion of electronic data into another form, called ciphertext, which cannot be easily understood by anyone except authorized parties." 
  2. Weak web protection. With the average cost of cybercrime reaching $7 million per organization annually, companies cannot afford to be frugal about web protection. Web filtering blocks webpages that may contain malicious content, including malware, spyware and viruses, as well as deny website access based on URL, page type, user and device.
  3. Ineffective asset tracking. An IT tracking solution provides visibility into all of the managed computers on a network, enabling you to make consistent updates, be alerted when new devices are added and uncover potential IT problems before they become glaring issues.

Use remote PC access software to offer more effective customer service

SolarWinds Take Control

  • Provide efficient end user support with remote access software
  • Apply changes and updates behind the scenes to maximize customer productivity
  • See customer displays in 4K HD resolution for easy troubleshooting