Solarwinds Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)

Try the easy-to-use IT service management platform that helps you grow your business and provide outstanding service that earns you loyal customers. And you can get started in minutes.

  • Hit the ground running in minutes with a powerful and flexible platform that requires minimal setup
  • Avoid new hardware costs with our cloud-based software
  • Reduce training time with an easy-to-use RMM product


Solarwinds N-central


Try the sophisticated and customizable platform that's built to handle thousands of devices in complex networks. Set it up how you want and reap the dividends over time.

  • Take on larger contracts knowing you can tackle complex environments
  • Choose from on-premises or cloud versions
  • Streamline tasks such as onboarding, patching, ticketing, and more with sophisticated automation

More than 20,000 MSPs and other IT professionals worldwide trust our products. Ready to find out why?

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Automate Everything without Learning a New Scripting Language

Technicians and managers shouldn't have to focus on low-level, repeatable tasks. Beyond out-of-the-box automated actions like checks and monitoring, both of our RMM platforms allow you to create your own automation scripts without having to write a line of code. Simply drag and drop elements in the editor to automate tasks like onboarding, responses to failed checks, antivirus updates and installations, and other routine maintenance tasks. This helps enable technicians to manage more devices, provide more services, and ultimately, do much more in the same amount of time.

Help Keep Your Customers Safe from Cyber Threats with Layered Security

You face an unprecedented challenge. In spite of the increasing number and sophistication of today's cyber threats, your clients expect you to keep them safe. Both platforms are designed to help deal with the latest in threats—whether ransomware, malware, or drive-by downloads—using the latest in layered security. With patch management, antivirus, data breach risk intelligence, web content filtering, and backup, you have the tools you need to help provide a complete, layered security strategy to your clients—and help keep their data and systems safe in the process. 

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Take Back Your Time by Bringing Everything into One System

Whether you own your MSP, manage a team, or are a technician, you likely don’t get a lot of downtime. You can’t afford to lose time switching between programs. SolarWinds MSP brings your IT tools under one roof. Whether it’s patch management, antivirus, or backup, you can view everything and use everything from a single pane of glass. And you can provide these services to multiple clients across multiple sites—all without leaving your desk (most of the time, anyway). The end result? You improve your operational efficiency, allowing you to keep more of the revenue you take in.

Make Smarter IT Decisions with Big Data Insights from Over 5 Million Endpoints

No matter how good you are, you can always make improvements to your IT service. SolarWinds MSP can help with LOGICcards, a big data insights engine that provides suggestions for improving the environments and networks under your management. LOGICcards pushes suggestions based on near real-time analysis of over five million endpoints straight to your dashboard. And the system even uses machine learning to understand what types of suggestions you prefer. Try it by testing out SolarWinds RMM today.

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Trusted Software to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Built to help you scale efficiently, take on more customers and more endpoints without breaking a sweat, SolarWinds MSP products are trusted by more than 20,000 MSPs and IT professionals across the globe. And we don’t just stop at software—with 24/7 access to our support team and a wide range of business and educational resources, we’re by your side to help you improve and scale your IT business. Want to grow your business? Try SolarWinds RMM or SolarWinds N-central today.