SolarWinds Passportal Cloud-based, Integrated, Automated Password Protection with Documentation Management

An Encrypted and Efficient Password and Documentation Management Solution 

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SolarWinds Passportal Global Dashboard

Manage Risk, Shorten Incident-Resolution Times, and Help Clients Meet Compliance Guidelines

Help keep access in the hands of those who need it and away from those who don’t by controlling password access to customer devices, networks, and applications.

Passportal + Documentation Manager is designed to streamline the technicians’ day by putting all the client knowledge and access control at their fingerprints in a single console.

Manage Passwords with Best Practices

An encrypted and efficient password and documentation management solution built for MSPs, offering credential injection, reporting, auditing, password change automation, and privileged client documentation management. SolarWinds® Passportal offers best practice password management with credentials and knowledge stored in an encrypted password vault, controlled by role-based permissions and multifactor authentication.

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Screens Flow
Passportal Client Dashboard

Management Designed to Fully Integrate IT Documentation into a Single Tool 

Simplify the documentation process, following MSP proven standards around what to document, and how. SolarWinds® Passportal + Documentation Manager is designed to streamline the technicians’ day by placing essential documentation at their fingertips to standardize service delivery and expedite issues.

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Add SolarWinds Passportal® Site™ to sell a branded password management as-a-service solution to your clients

Passportal Site  is a password management as a service product that extends the simplicity, security, and convenience of Passportal password management to your clients. Provide clients the same Passportal password management solution you are using, branded with your logo and help maintain a safeguarded authentication environment, tightening the security you provide. With Site, you can add a significant new source of service revenue while delighting your clients.

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Site with browser extension
Blink Promo

Add SolarWinds Passportal® Blink™ to provide end users the ability to reset passwords on their mobile devices in under 60 seconds

Passportal Blink  is a mobile password reset app that enables end users to reset their own passwords at any time, without your help. That means fewer reset tickets for you, less productivity downtime for your clients, and a quick way for end users to reset forgotten passwords. Add SolarWinds Passportal Blink to your service offering menu to help uncover additional capacity in your service team.

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What our customers say

Our MSP uses dozens of tools to service our clients and it is hard to find one with more impact per dollar than Passportal.

Justin Nehring CTO Nehring Technologies

This is now included in all our managed service packages! Passportal enables our customers to actually follow password rules for the entire organization and keeps in sync with our records. No more panic because a password is needed and the person who knows it cannot be reached!

Brent Fairbanks President ECS IT Services

Passportal was such a great fit for us because its friendly and easy to use UI drove buy-in from our team.

Cameron Rowe CEO & President CRC Data Technologies