SolarWinds N-central MSP Patch Manager Software

Future Proof


Windows 10 is shaping the way forward, and so is SolarWinds® N-central® Patch Manager. Capable of deploying Windows 10 Feature Updates with a single approval, operating system upgrades have never been simpler.

Security as a Priority

Keeping software current is crucial for businesses today, but in many disciplines, updating features may cause more problems than it solves. This is why N-central has full support for Microsoft’s new Monthly Security-Only updates, allowing you, the MSP, to keep important devices secure while reducing the risk of incompatibilities with your customer’s software.

Time Saver

Patch Manager allows you to get full control when updating hundreds (or even thousands) of endpoints across multiple client sites. You can configure rules to automatically approve or deny certain types of patches, so you don’t have to lift a finger when a new update comes out.

Testing new patches is painless, with the ability to deploy patches to test groups first and easily intervene if problems are found before the update is pushed to production devices.


SolarWinds N-central has built-in healing and monitoring for Windows Update, helping to ensure your devices are working and ready to be patched with the latest and greatest updates, no third-party tool necessary.

Maximize Efficiency

  • Single pane of glass: Manage patching for complex environments across multiple sites. This can all be configured and managed from a single, unified console.
  • Third-party support: Deploy patches for multiple third-party application families, including Adobe products, Java, and multiple browsers and tools.
  • Patch on- or off-site: Patch machines wherever they are to help prevent customers from missing critical security updates, even if they’re working from home.
  • Reporting: View complete reports to health-check your patch status across customer sites.