SolarWinds MSP Anywhere Optimize the Customer Experience

Give Your Customers a Great IT Support Experience

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Creating a positive IT support experience requires implementing customer-friendly tools at every step of the user journey from request through post-session evaluation. SolarWinds® MSP Anywhere™ offers multiple ways for users to request support, communicate during sessions, and leave feedback once the issue has been resolved. By addressing every step of the customer's experience, you can take control of your customer's satisfaction level and help ensure your business has a lot of happy customers.


"With MSP Anywhere, we are able to remotely support our clients from anywhere, even areas in Africa where there is slow connectivity." - Bryan Barkely, Business Project Manager

Get started with fast, effective, and collaborative remote access tools.

Make It Simple to Request Help

When users need support, access must be close at hand. MSP Anywhere provides multiple ways for your customers to request help and stay informed of their request status.

  • Customized system-tray request button
  • Support request button on your website
  • Position-in-queue notification and wait-time estimates
  • Simple PIN-enabled web connections through
  • Pre-session chat capabilities

Reinforce Your Value in Sessions

Support sessions can be the perfect time to reinforce your business's value, and educate your customers on best practices. MSP Anywhere provides the communication and screen sharing tools to make that a breeze.

  • Live chat and VoIP calling for easy communication
  • Ability to choose which user monitor to view (and at any screen resolution)
  • Technician screen sharing to do "show & tell" demos
  • Fast copy-and-paste or drag-and-drop file transfers
  • Complete control of the user's machine (system CMD shell, Windows commands, forced reboots, block keyboard and mouse, and more)
  • Access to extensive device information—BIOS, applications and drivers, Windows event logs, and much more

Encourage Feedback After Each Session

Don’t wait until frustration brews to solicit feedback. MSP Anywhere provides post-session surveys for both technicians and customers, letting you keep tabs on technician performance and showing you where customers may need additional help or education.

  • Customized surveys with four answer types including free text
  • Summarized reports to quantify data
  • The ability to export data to .xls files for further analysis