SolarWinds Mail Assure Support for Office 365 and Exchange Server

Boost Security and Improve Uptime for Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange


When it comes to the integrity, availability, and security of email, you can’t afford to rely on a single provider. With so many businesses using the cloud-based Office 365 or an on-premises Microsoft Exchange server, these services have become key targets for cybercriminals. SolarWinds® MSP Mail Assure offers an extra layer of security to protect you against the hackers. On top of that, Mail Assure’s web portal provides email continuity in case Office 365 has an outage or your Exchange server goes down.

Enhanced Office 365 Protection

  • Deep defense: Mail Assure improves the default security in Office 365 via its sophisticated threat engine that is continuously updated using data from over 2 million secured domains around the world.  
  • Improved spam protection: Boost your spam protection using our spam filters that incorporate automated  input from all users’ “train or release” determinations.
  • Scalability and security: We process and store all email at our secure data centers located in four countries. This helps you meet regional regulations surrounding message storage locations.
  • Comprehensive Storage: Deploying Mail Assure alongside Office 365 will help ensure that emails can always be stored regardless of space restrictions in Office 365. 
  • Simple integration: Setup is a breeze. Office 365 users can start using Mail Assure by simply redirecting their MX records to our systems. 

Support for Microsoft Exchange

  • Improved continuity: Mail Assure provides a cloud-based interface for those running Microsoft Exchange. This allows users to continue sending and receiving email even if physical servers crash.
  • Capacity management: Email can take up a lot of space—not just from email volume, but also from the size of attachments. Adding a cloud-based solution such as Mail Assure helps ensure the live Exchange platform does not run out of space.
  • Better server performance: Mail Assure handles spam and malware filtering, freeing up resources on your Exchange email server.
  • Improved bandwidth and extended server life: By handling email processing using an external vendor, internet usage decreases and bandwidth and speed improves for the rest of the organization. And by keeping the processing load low, you’ll also increase the lifespan of your email servers. 
  • Manage data: Transferring older data out of your live email environment to a service such as Mail Assure reduces the overall size of the Exchange information store, increasing your Exchange platform’s performance.
  • Predictable costs: Costs are linked to the number of mailboxes used. You pay only for what you need.