SolarWinds Mail Assure Mailbox Continuity

Ensure Uninterrupted Email Flow, Even If Your Primary Email Service Fails


For many businesses, one missed email can mean the difference between taking advantage of or missing an important business opportunity. Your clients or internal stakeholders rely on you to keep email up and running, so it's critical that you have an email service you can count on. SolarWinds® Mail Assure's cloud-based secure email gateway exists independently of a company's email systems, analyzing and filtering emails before they ever reach the primary mail servers. This allows users to access their email via Mail Assure's web portal even during an outage.

Fortify Your Technology

  • Support during local network outages: Even if an on-premises mail server is working, other issues on local networks can create problems and interfere with access to email. A cloud-based email continuity service protects email against any problems affecting the local infrastructure.
  • No need for expensive fault-tolerant hardware: On-premises systems need failover hardware and multiple sites to be truly protected. That can be costly. Because Mail Assure operates in the cloud, it eliminates that email infrastructure cost.
  • Lower risk: By using an additional service provider to supplement the primary email service, you eliminate the risk of relying on a single point of failure.
  • Distributed infrastructure: Mail Assure uses multiple distributed data centers around the world to process and queue emails and protect users from server or network outages.