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Whether you support legacy solutions or you’re maintaining hardware for a "cloud" product, backup can quickly get too complicated. SolarWinds® Backup helps you break out of this backup trap. With a single, easy-to-use dashboard, private cloud storage included (with fast data transfers), and multiple recovery methods at your fingertips, SolarWinds Backup helps cure your backup pains.

What’s Covered by SolarWinds Backup?

SolarWinds Backup is designed to let you choose the data and assets you need to protect, and manage them all from a single dashboard. You can back up and recover:

Key Features

Server Backup

SolarWinds® Backup is designed to protect your servers, virtual servers, and critical applications from a single cloud-based console.

The system’s at-a-glance status is built to help you spend less time monitoring and more time managing your business. Our unique LocalSpeedVault™ can help you deliver against tight RTOs without the complexity or expense of appliance-based solutions. Pricing is simple and based on devices. 

This includes

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Workstation Backup

Workstation data loss can mean days of downtime and additional costs to re-create information or re-install utilities.

SolarWinds Backup is built to protect entire workstations to help you reduce downtime. The central dashboard provides site-wide deployment, statuses, and alerts to keep you informed. Our device-based pricing is designed to simplify budgeting while offering affordable protection.

This includes

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Backup Documents

SolarWinds Backup Documents – Protection for Windows PC

SolarWinds Backup Documents is built to protect locally stored business documents and reduce the cost and complexity of backing up an organization’s PCs. 

Backup is designed for affordability, easy deployment, and automated backups. With cloud-based, self-service recovery, your users can recover key documents at almost any time. 

This includes

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Backup for Microsoft 365

SolarWinds Backup for Microsoft 365 is designed to help you protect Microsoft 365 users from Exchange, OneDrive and SharePoint data loss. 

If users accidentally (or purposely) delete emails, contacts, calendars, or OneDrive or SharePoint documents, Backup for Microsoft 365 helps you restore this data as needed. And you can do it from the same web-based dashboard you use to protect servers, workstations, and critical business documents. 

This includes

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Faster Backups and Restores

SolarWinds Backup is designed to optimize cloud-based backup and recovery and reduce maintenance windows.

This includes

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Bare Metal Recovery

SolarWinds Backup can help you restore from bare-metal images in minutes.

This includes

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Cloud Virtual Disaster Recovery Solutions

SolarWinds Backup helps you prepare for almost anything with automated system restores to Hyper-V or VMware.

This includes

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Recovery Testing

Testing server backups is essential, but it can be time consuming, and therefore too often neglected. SolarWinds Backup Recovery Testing delivers regular, automated test recoveries of your most critical servers.

Simply enroll your servers in a recovery test plan, and SolarWinds will automatically spin up a test VM in the cloud, restore the server from your most recent backup, take a screenshot, and delete the VM. Recovery verification reports, including the screenshot and details about recovery time, will be ready and waiting for you.  

This includes

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Security-Focused Storage

SolarWinds Backup is designed to provide safer, more secure storage.

This includes

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Archiving that stores your backups long-term beyond variable retention periods.

This includes

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One Simple Web-Based Console

Businesses often acquire multiple solutions over time to cover their backup needs. They may have one for servers, one for workstations, and one for specific databases. SolarWinds Backup gives you a cleanly designed, multitenant hosted console to let you check backup statuses, schedule backup jobs, and recover data—for physical and virtual servers, workstations, documents, and Microsoft 365 Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint.

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Optimized for Fast Data Transfer

Cloud services can offer incredible convenience—from lower (or eliminated) hardware costs to reduced maintenance. However, many backup providers simply tack on a public cloud to a legacy solution, which can make cloud-based backups slow to a crawl. SolarWinds Backup was built for the cloud from day one and designed for rapid transfers to and from our global, private cloud over the WAN.

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Skip the Hardware Headaches

When it comes to backup, cloud software should be just that—cloud. You shouldn’t have to pay for appliances up front, or eat the cost of replacements when hardware breaks. SolarWinds Backup is built to reduce your hardware costs by storing backups in our own cloud (so managing, provisioning, maintaining, and replacing storage is on our budget, not yours). And if you want a local copy, you can choose your own hardware.

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Turn on optional local vault storage
Illustration of the simple recovery console

Multiple Recovery Options-One Simple Console

Different situations can call for different recovery needs. A ransomware attack or natural disaster requires a different recovery method than restoring a single spreadsheet. SolarWinds Backup offers a range of recovery options—such as bare metal, physical-to-virtual, or virtual-to-virtual—to fit multiple recovery situations, all included in the base price.

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Use SolarWinds® RMM or N-central®?

Backup is available as part of your existing dashboard.

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Case Study

Lime Networks

We’ve gone from 40 hours a month managing backups to four hours a month, with SolarWinds.

Kelvin Tegelaar CTO
Lime Networks

What our customers say

We redesigned our business around this software.

Dan Engbers Owner, Co-Founder Proactive Backups

The cloud Management Console includes great monitoring and alerting capabilities for my entire customer base. Very knowledgeable 24/7 support. Proven to have easily recovered clients from ransomware attacks.

Mark Chesher Senior Administrator The Data Vault

Simple to use, enterprise-class features, very fair on the storage limits, no gimmicks. 24/7 support. Above all I saved a client’s burning building from this backup service. You can schedule backups nightly, twice a day, or down to every hour if you choose.

Jeff Olejnik President Newport Solutions

Just works. Once it is set up there is little intervention afterward.

John England IT Professional Leading Edge Computers