Backup for Efficient IT Service

Backup is a critical part of protecting any business data. However, due to cost and difficulty in management, many IT professionals are limited to managing only critical infrastructure such as email, databases, or a central file server.

With SolarWinds® MSP Backup & Recovery you can back up workstations and server data with a hybrid approach that will work for almost any business.

Finally, a single platform for all your backup needs:

  • Back up files, folders, or complete images for any device
  • 5-minute restores through local images on existing storage
  • 28-day rolling retention and permanent archiving
  • 128-, 256-bit AES, or 448-bit Blowfish encryption
  • VM restore to Azure, AWS, or your private data center

Try hybrid-cloud backup free for 30-days, get the support you need, and pay as you go for only the devices you use.

We just feel we have the best solution for our clients – one that protects them and makes it easy for us.

Harvey McLendon, Longleaf Systems

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