Get 24/7 Email Continuity

Be Up and Running Quickly

When email stops, business stops, too.

When the primary email infrastructure goes down, it can lead to lost productivity, lost information, and, often, lost business.

SolarWinds® MSP Mail helps to ensure that your users can always send and receive email, even when the primary infrastructure fails. With MSP Mail, you get:

  • 24/7 built-in email continuity at no extra cost
  • Multiple antivirus engines including zero-hour detection
  • Aggressive spam protection
  • Secure, compliant email archiving
  • Additional security for third party services e.g. Office 365
  • Unlimited cloud-based email storage

It's Easy to Get Started:

  • No credit card details required
  • Login info sent directly to you via email
  • Technical support is available during the trial to get you started

When I discuss email hosting and security with a customer, all I need to do is explain the MSP Mail business continuity feature and they're sold.

Ken Kohn, Miracle Data

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