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Technology Alliance Program


  • Kaspersky Security logo

    Kaspersky Security

    Kaspersky integration with SolarWinds® RMM and N-central® allows MSPs to see crucial information through a single console while automating routine daily tasks such as security monitoring and antivirus (AV) database updates.

  • Myki logo


    MYKI integrates with SolarWinds® RMM to allow MSPs to import companies from their RMM portal into MYKI with the click of a button.

  • Accelo logo


    Accelo integrates with SolarWinds® RMM to combine the RMM alert functionality with your requests, services, and time billing functionalities provided by Accelo. Track and get paid for all the work you do for clients—automatically.

  • Backup Radar logo

    Backup Radar

    Backup Radar integrates with SolarWinds® Backup to allow MSPs to monitor their backups in the Backup Radar portal.

  • ESET Direct Endpoint Management logo

    ESET Direct Endpoint Management

    With the ESET Direct Endpoint Management plug-in for SolarWinds® RMM and N-central®, you get comprehensive endpoint protection with a wide range of capabilities and automation options.

  • BrightGauge logo


    BrightGauge integrates with SolarWinds® RMM and N-central® to convert your RMM metrics into powerful business insights that help you meet your most important KPIs.

  • Huntress Labs logo

    Huntress Labs

    Huntress Labs has created unique deployment procedures for SolarWinds® N-central® and RMM products.

  • Inbay logo


    Inbay offers a unique RMM Deep Dive Assessment for N-central® to quickly and easily identify and optimize key areas that may have been preventing you from getting the most out of your investment.

  • ServiceTree Connect logo

    ServiceTree Connect

    ServiceTree integrates with SolarWinds® RMM and N-central® for simplified ticketing and RMM management.

  • ThreatLocker logo


    ThreatLocker integrates with SolarWinds® RMM. Using ThreatLocker and SolarWinds together, you can get your customers deployed and locked down right from your RMM.

  • Warranty Master logo

    Warranty Master

    See asset data from SolarWinds® N-central® and RMM in Warranty Master. Integrate with one click and completely automate your Asset Lifecycle Management.

  • Tigerpaw logo


    Tigerpaw integrates with SolarWinds® N-central®, enabling you to map customers between both systems and share asset information for service order, invoicing, tracking, and automation capabilities.

  • TOPdesk logo


    The N-central® integration with TOPdesk automatically syncs N-central issues with the TOPdesk incident management dashboard.

  • TeamViewer logo


    TeamViewer integrates with SolarWinds® RMM.

  • Computicate logo


    Computicate PSA integrates with SolarWinds® RMM and N-central® to allow your RMM managed assets to sync into Computicate. Additionally, RMM alerts will flow into Computicate PSA automatically as tickets.

  • Datto Autotask logo

    Datto Autotask

    Datto Autotask integrates with SolarWinds® N-central®, enabling you to map customers between both systems and share asset information for automatic ticket creation.

  • ITBoost logo


    SolarWinds® N-central® integrates with ITBoost to map configurations from ITBoost to N-central.

  • IT Glue logo

    IT Glue

    IT Glue integrates with N-central® so MSPs are able to take advantage of near real-time asset information in their IT Glue documentation, including CPU, disk, and memory information.

  • ConnectWise Manage logo

    ConnectWise Manage

    ConnectWise Manage integrates with SolarWinds® N-central® to automatically create tickets, export device asset information, and generate billable items for your customers.

  • Falanx logo


    SolarWinds has partnered with Falanx, a threat monitoring service provider, for the delivery and support of SolarWinds® Threat Monitoring Service.

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