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Staying on top of trends is important, but what resources are best? Our MSP Advisors share what information they use to ensure their business stays relevant and they stay in the know.

November 05, 2018


Question: What resources do you use to stay on top of the latest industry trends?

Chris Taylor: I have a lot of different sources and the information comes internally from our organization and externally from groups that were involved in. Our good partners provide us the information. We're part of the TrustX Alliance, which is a group of 300 resellers like us around the North America. So that group has a lot of resources and feeds. I look at all of them and make my decisions based on multiple feeds of information coming at me.

Bruce Lach: So first in context, I think about what my role is for the company and I worry about a couple things. One is that we have relevant offerings for our clients.  Because if we're not relevant over time, we won't have a company. The other is that our business model supports that relevant offerings for our clients. So, I look for that type of knowledge. It could come from something as simple as Forbes, or it could be an economics book or it could be a business book, although I don't read many business books. If I have a question, I go to my CTO - he literally can answer any question I've had, whether it's blockchain; or what are we doing with Enable Solar Winds? How do we employ the automation features in Enable? He's got an answer for me. So, if it's technical, I go to Brandon. If it's business, I tend to go towards business sources. And by the way, I'm in a roundtable with nine other MSPs. We meet quarterly, we share financials, we share best practices. So, I've got nine other mentors to kind of keep me focused on being a great MSP.

Brandon Nohr: I use twitter quite a bit. I mean, that's my favorite thing on earth. It really allows me to see a lot of different perspectives and link to a lot of different websites, blogs and forums that I can't possibly follow. But I have a really curated group of people that I trust and follow on Twitter. That's really where I get most of my information. And then, magazines whether it's Forbes, or an admin magazine or something like that.

Fred Alonzi: We have many different resources. I have to say that I wish I could name them all, but if I'm looking at security, I'll look at Krebs On Security. And similar to that we follow Twitter feeds and news feeds from many different sources of technology news.  It comes from a lot of different places. That really is the biggest challenge we have now: staying up-to-date with all the latest news and information about technology using Twitter, newsfeeds and websites.


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