MSP Advice Project: Advisor - Brandon Nohr

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Author: Brandon Nohr

Brandon Nohr leads SUCCESS Computer Consulting long-term technology vision and is responsible for the continuous development and evolution of SUCCESS products, services, and technical standards.  With an IT track record spanning almost 20 years and tenure at SUCCESS of almost a decade, Brandon’s experience in the industry and leadership in the community has led to a reputation that is second to none.  He began his consulting career by designing and supporting custom software solutions for the service industry, joined SUCCESS in 2007 as a project engineer, and evolved into a technical leadership role in which he was responsible for developing a business intelligence practice.  Presently, Brandon just completed his Certified Ethical Hacker certification and is key in developing solutions that protect the businesses SUCCESS serves.

Brandon Nohr

How do you have security conversations with prospects and clients? Learn how our MSP Advisors approach security-focused discussions, as well as the importance of education and setting expectations.

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