SolarWinds MSP Sub-Processor List

Last updated January 27, 2020

SolarWinds MSP engages sub-processors and SolarWinds Affiliates to assist in providing SolarWinds MSP Services. Defined terms used herein shall have the same meaning as defined in the Software Services Agreement (“SSA”).

This document does not give You any additional rights or remedies and should not be construed as a binding agreement between You and SolarWinds MSP. This information is provided to illustrate SolarWinds MSP’s engagement process for sub-processors and set forth the list of third party sub-processors and SolarWinds Affiliates used by SolarWinds MSP.

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What is a Sub-processor?

A sub-processor is a third-party data processor engaged by SolarWinds, including SolarWinds Affiliates, processing Personal Data.

Due Diligence

SolarWinds MSP recognizes that the use of sub-processors creates potential risks that must be properly managed. Before entering into any third-party relationships, we take deliberate steps to conduct an assessment of risk arising from the vendor relationship.

Any sub-processor who has access to SolarWinds MSP Personal Data are expected to demonstrate their security policies, processes, and procedures and prove that they are able to provide adequate protection of such data, including against misuse or compromise. For more information, see our Vendor Data Protection Requirements page.

Contractual Safeguards

SolarWinds MSP requires its sub-processors to satisfy similar obligations as those required by SolarWinds MSP (as Your data processor) as set forth in SolarWinds MSP’s Data Processing Addendum (“DPA”), including:

  • Processing Personal Data in accordance with the data controller’s (i.e. Your) documented instructions;
  • Ensuring personnel engaged in the Processing of Personal Data are informed of the confidential nature of the Personal Data and are subject to an obligation of confidentiality;
  • Implementing and maintaining commercially reasonable administrative, physical, and technical safeguards designed to protect the security, confidentiality, and integrity of Personal Data;
  • Informing and cooperating with SolarWinds MSP in the event of a security breach, to the extent possible; and
  • Cooperating with SolarWinds MSP with requests from data controllers, data subjects, or data protection authorities, as applicable.

Process to Engage New Sub-processors

If You have executed SolarWinds MSP’s standard DPA, SolarWinds MSP regularly update the list of sub-processors that are utilized or which SolarWinds MSP proposes to utilize to deliver its Services. Pursuant to the DPA, You may object in writing to the processing of Your Personal Data by a new sub-processor within ten (10) business days following the update. If You do not object during such time period, the new sub-processor(s) shall be deemed accepted. If You object to the use of a new sub-processor, SolarWinds MSP may choose to:

  • recommend changes to the Services or Your configuration of the Services to avoid Processing by the new sub-processor; or
  • cease to provide You the particular aspect or feature of SolarWinds MSP Services that would involve use of the sub-processor.

Termination rights, as applicable and agreed, are set forth exclusively in the DPA.


The following is a list of the names and locations of SolarWinds MSP sub-processors, including SolarWinds Affiliates and third parties:


The following sub-processors provide the infrastructure to host Services and Service Data. Personal Data may be transferred to help ensure performance, availability, and reliability.

Entity Name Entity Type Entity Country*
AWS Hosted Services United States
DigiPlex Hosted Services United Kingdom
Equinix Hosted Services United States
Hetzner Hosted Services Germany Hosted Services Netherlands
Ignite Hosted Services S. Africa
Interxion Hosted Services Netherlands
LeaseWeb Hosted Services Netherlands
NLDC Hosted Services Netherlands
PlusServer Hosted Services Germany
Rackspace Hosted Services United States
Serverloft Hosted Services United States
*Location of Sub-processor headquarters.

Services Specific Sub-processors

SolarWinds MSP engages the following sub-processors to help enable its Services. In order to provide the relevant functionality, these sub-processors have access to relevant Personal Data:

Sub-Processor Purpose Entity Country*
Appcues Customer Success / Support United States
AWS Analytics United States
BitDefender Anti-Virus Services United States
BriteVerify Email Address Verification United States
Confluence Customer Support Australia
Coveo Customer Support United States
DeepL Customer Support Germany
Docebo Customer Success / Support Canada
Geckoboard Customer Support United Kingdom
GFI Email Security and Web Monitoring services Malta
Google Apps Customer Support United States
Internet Creations Customer Support United States
JIRA Customer Support Australia
LinkedIn Communication United States
Litmus Learning Management United States
LogMeIn Customer Success / Support United States
Marketo Analytics United States
Microsoft Communications United States
NetSuite Customer Support United States
OnceHub Customer Success / Support United States
OPSWAT Anti-Virus Removal Services United States
Ripe Customer Success / Support Netherlands
Salesforce Customer Support United States
Seismic Customer Success / Support United States
SentinelOne Endpoint Protection and Response Services United States Error Reporting United States
SiftRock Analytics United States
Slack Customer Support United States
Snowflake Analytics United States
Status Dashboard Customer Support United States Customer Support Australia
TeamViewer Remote IT Management Services Germany
ThreatTrack Anti-Virus Services United States
Totango, Inc Customer Success / Support United States
Zoom Customer Support United States
*Location of Sub-processor headquarters.

SolarWinds Affiliates

The following entities are affiliates of SolarWinds MSP. Accordingly, they function as sub-processors to provide the Services. Customers that use the Services may have their Personal Data processed by:

Entity Name Entity Country
LLC SolarWinds MSP Technology Belarus
Passportal ULC Canada
SolarWinds Corporation US United States
SolarWinds CZ S.R.O Czech Republic
SolarWinds US Inc. United States
SolarWinds MSP Canada ULC Canada
SolarWinds MSP Cloud GmbH Switzerland
SolarWinds MSP International B.V. Netherlands
SolarWinds MSP Technology B.V. Netherlands
SolarWinds MSP UK Ltd. United Kingdom
SolarWinds MSP US, Inc. United States
SolarWinds Poland sp.Z.o.o. Poland
SolarWinds Software Asia PTE Ltd. Singapore
SolarWinds Software Australia Ply Ltd. Australia
SolarWinds Software Europe Ltd. Ireland
SolarWinds Software Portugal Unipessoal, Ltda. Portugal
SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC United States
SpamExperts B.V. Netherlands
SpamExperts Services SRL Romania
Trusted Metrics, Inc. United States