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Whether you are a backup veteran, a brand new user, or just evaluating Backup & Recovery, this is the best place to learn if you have what it takes to become a Master of Backup & Recovery.

Online training and examination

The training consists of two x 1 hour modules where you will learn how to operate and manage Backup and Recovery.

Both sessions end with an online exam, and if you pass (+80%) you'll get a special #masterofbackup pack in the post, including a certificate and #notbragging t-shirt, courtesy of SolarWinds MSP.



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Module 1: Backup Academy Foundations

This 1hr session will cover:

  • 3-2-1 backup strategy
  • Backup to all servers: Physical & Virtual
  • Setting Retention & Archive
  • Privacy, Security & Compliance
  • Restore from fastest source (cloud or local)
  • Proactive monitoring, the management console

Module 2: Recovery Academy Foundations

This 1hr session will cover:

  • Best Practice: Plan-Prepare-Test
  • Fallover to standby server
  • Failback using Bare Metal Recovery
  • Recover a database in minutes
  • Recover files quickly after ransomware