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2 juin, 2020

Frightening Facts of Email Attacks

<p>Businesses live on email; cybercriminals do the same. A single malicious email often leads to a larger and potentially devastating attack. Knowing the facts about email threats can help you prepare to fight back and also help you persuade your customers to be more vigilant on email. Download the free infographic to discover some key stats about email threats and some tips for protecting their inboxes.</p>

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26 mai, 2020

PCnet Case Study

<p>PCnet, an IT service provider based in Wichita, Texas, uses SolarWinds<sup>®</sup> Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) to help their customers improve security. While many customers have replaced their AV with SolarWinds EDR, some customers remained hesitant. This case study examines what happened when one customer didn’t switch, what PCnet did to help them, and why the customer now uses SolarWinds EDR. The case study also covers why EDR offers enhanced security, and some of the time and cost benefits to both MSPs and customers.</p>

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21 mai, 2020

Automated Workflows: A Feature Available in SolarWinds Passportal

<p>As an MSP business scales, repetitive tasks can weigh down your team and become an anchor on growth. That’s why automation can be so essential—it allows your team to accomplish more while retaining (or even improving) service quality. SolarWinds<sup>®</sup> Passportal includes an automated workflow feature set designed to help you gain these benefits and more. Download the feature sheet today to learn how it can help your team save time, improve visibility into important events like failed password attempts, and streamline tracking and notifications.</p>

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11 mai, 2020

Email Security Guide

<p>Many sophisticated cybercriminals target small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). SMBs want to know they are protected from these attacks. MSPs can help meet the needs of their security-conscious customers by offering robust email security services that go beyond the basic antivirus and anti-spam protection offered by most email security services.<br />
<br />
Download the eBook to learn:&nbsp;</p>

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7 mai, 2020

Passportal + Documentation Manager Centralized IT Documentation Solution

<p>Save time, money, and frustration with a centralized IT documentation solution. SolarWinds<sup>®</sup> Passportal + Documentation Manager is designed to improve efficiency and customer experience. With Passportal + Documentation Manager, you can standardize your customer documentation and work more efficiently with linked documents, articles, and passwords in a single platform. Download this flyer to find out more about how Passportal + Documentation Manager can help you make your business more profitable.</p>

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6 mai, 2020


<p>If you’re feeling overwhelmed by managing multiple types of devices and increasingly complex networks, you’re not alone. SolarWinds<sup>®</sup> N-central<sup>®</sup> can help you bring those complex networks and processes under control. Discover, manage, monitor, and fortify your entire network—all from one web-based console. You can increase efficiency through easy-to-implement automation by using profiles, rules, and filters to preconfigure or update devices in bulk (and across multiple locations). Read more

4 mai, 2020


<p>As your business grows, you’ll likely experience a substantial increase in service tickets related to password management. Securely and efficiently managing passwords and client information is time-consuming when a team of technicians must do it—across multiple customer environments.<br />
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4 mai, 2020

How do you save your passwords?

<p>Have peace of mind knowing your passwords are secure and your IT techs aren’t wasting valuable time trying to keep track of them. SolarWinds<sup>®</sup> Passportal is a password management solution designed to help you increase efficiency and protect your customers. &nbsp;Key benefits include added protection against rogue or former technicians, military-grade password data security, and password automation. Download the flyer to learn more about how Passportal can benefit you.&nbsp;</p>

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4 mai, 2020

Passportal Blink

<p>Give your customers the flexibility to reset their passwords on their own, any time of day or night. SolarWinds<sup>®</sup> Passportal Blink is a self-service, password-reset mobile application designed to allow users to reset their passwords on Windows<sup>®</sup>, Active Directory<sup>®</sup>, Azure<sup>®</sup> AD, and Office 365<sup>®</sup> without having to contact their MSP. Blink can help reduce password-reset ticket workload and customer frustration—and it can improve customer productivity to boot. Read more

28 avril, 2020

5 Best Practices For Onboarding New Customers

<p>Earning new customer business is hard work—so don’t let it go to waste by starting out on the wrong foot. Make a great first impression by nailing the onboarding process. Our eBook gives you five practical tips to ensure your onboarding strategy is smooth and sets the right tone from the very beginning. A good onboarding experience can lead to great working relationships—as well as happy customers who tell their friends about your stellar performance. Get the eBook today to get started.&nbsp;</p>

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27 avril, 2020

SolarWinds MSP Manager: Integrated with SolarWinds RMM

<p>For MSPs, time is money. Any efficiency gain can lead to keeping more revenue in the business. And one easy, effective way to regain hours comes from integrating your remote monitoring and management tools with your PSA tools. SolarWinds<sup>®</sup> MSP Manager, our comprehensive PSA tool, integrates with SolarWinds RMM to help you gain a number of efficiencies. Read more

27 avril, 2020

SolarWinds N-central

<p>Grow and scale your business through efficient, easy-to-use IT automation with SolarWinds<sup>®</sup> N-central<sup>®</sup>. N-central offers you complete oversight and organization of your customers’ IT networks from one dashboard. Our easy-to-use software can help you handle massive networks with minimal hassle through automation. Use our drag-and-drop interface to automate easily without the need for prior programming or scripting experience. Read more

17 avril, 2020

Advanced Email Security for Microsoft 365

<p>Cybercriminals often launch their attacks over email. As businesses adopt cloud email services, like Microsoft 365<sup>®</sup>, an additional layer of protection for email security plays a crucial role in stopping bad actors. SolarWinds<sup>®</sup> Mail Assure is built to give you that additional protection for Microsoft 365. Get the feature sheet to find out how it can help you increase email protection, reduce downtime, and simplify the process of onboarding and management for Microsoft 365.</p>

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9 avril, 2020

Protect Business Growth with Cybersecurity

<p>As IT environments grow increasingly complex, cybersecurity becomes increasingly essential for IT providers looking to grow their business. Get our free infographic to discover important stats on data breaches, the business benefits of maintaining a secure environment, and three crucial areas to focus on to deliver greater security.&nbsp;</p>

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