Enabling Your Success in 2021

Partner Letter from SolarWinds MSP President John Pagliuca

As this year draws to a close, I want to thank you for your continued partnership and provide some updates about where we are as a business.

In August, we announced we are exploring a potential spin-off of the SolarWinds MSP division. As we continue to explore the potential spin-off, we have some exciting news to share. We’ve chosen a new name, and I’m excited to tell you that we will be called N-able. This name may sound familiar, as N-able extends the roots of who we are as a company. It’s all about the performance, protection, and partnership you need to power your clients—and your business—forward. Additionally, we confidentially submitted a Form 10 with the SEC on December 4, 2020, regarding the potential spin-off.

Some partners have asked about what the impact of spinning off from SolarWinds would be on our operations. Today, SolarWinds MSP operates separately as a wholly-owned subsidiary of our parent, SolarWinds Corporation.

  • We have a separate and distinct executive leadership team.
  • We have independent technical support, partner success, and sales teams, who provide resources and best practices specifically designed to help you best protect and serve your customers.
  • Our product and R&D teams have their own leadership, standalone roadmaps, and separate repositories and build environments.

The proposed spin-off, we believe, would enable us to further focus on supporting you, allowing for even greater investments in R&D, security, and global customer success. I will keep you posted on any further developments.

Consistent with the transparency I hope you’ve come to expect from us, I also want to keep you updated on the recent Orion Platform security incidents, SUNBURST and SUPERNOVA. I am committed to communicating with you early and often, and as of now, there is no new news based on our investigations—SolarWinds MSP products were not impacted. For the latest information, please visit www.solarwindsmsp.com/solarwinds-orion-security-advisory.

As we close out 2020 and look forward to 2021, my promise to you is this: I will work harder than ever with the N-able team to help you thrive and realize even greater success.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me at any time.

Forward together,