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Are you a managed services provider looking for remote support software that will help you better monitor and manage customer networks? Look no further than SolarWinds MSP (formerly LOGICnow), the world's leading integrated IT Service Management platform. 

Our cloud-based platform arms you with the tools you need to gain constant visibility into the networks you manage with up-to-date monitoring capabilities.

4 Reasons to Choose SolarWinds MSP Remote Support

For MSPs and IT professionals, having remote IT support capabilities is a game changer. SolarWinds MSP remote support software enables you to fix IT issues, track IT assets, complete administrative projects and monitor managed networks in real time — all from one cloud-based dashboard. 

Below, we list the top four reasons you should choose SolarWinds MSP remote support software.

  1. Improved efficiency. Gone are the days of having to drive from customer to customer to perform IT tasks and maintenance. Being able to access customer networks from anywhere enables you to get more done, faster, improving efficiency and productivity across the board.
  2. Cost effectiveness. According to TechRepublic, "Doing remote support means you're not using gas or adding wear and tear to your vehicle. It also means fewer chances of accidents while driving (so cheaper insurance rates). Remote support can also save your budget in many, varied ways: Eating lunch at home, less budget spent on clothing and even less money spent using your smartphone data plan to look up information for the job at hand."
  3. Faster response time. When machines fail or an IT network requires immediate attention, having remote capabilities can help solve issues before they become serious problems. This not only helps protect the networks you manage from potential disasters, it also helps build a lasting relationship between you and your customers.
  4. High-level security. Making investments in security can have a significant impact on business profitability, and SolarWinds MSP developed our software with this in mind. When you partner with SolarWinds MSP, you are partnering with a team of dedicated visionaries who care about the success of your business (and those you help protect). From AES 128-bit encryption and antivirus to patch management and disaster recovery — SolarWinds MSP has everything you need to securely manage networks with ease.

SolarWinds MSP Free Trial

Ready to try SolarWinds MSP remote management for yourself? Sign up for a free, no obligation 30-day trial today, and see how our remote support software can improve your business.


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