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Remote administration software solutions from SolarWinds MSP (formerly LOGICnow) help MSPs streamline IT processes to gain total control over networks and empower customers through high-grade security and web protection. Read on to learn more about the included features and to sign up for a free, no obligation 30-day trial!

SolarWinds MSP Remote Management Software

"Remote management is used to describe any process in which the controlling device is not physically attached to the actual unit. There are four aspects to this process: communication method, level of control, operator training and performance issues. The primary reasons for implementing a remote management system are to improve safety and increase productivity," according to Wise Geek. 

SolarWinds MSP does this and more, all from a simple and intuitive cloud-based platform.

SolarWinds MSP Remote Management Features

Some of SolarWinds MSP's remote management features include:

  • Active Discovery. SolarWinds MSP Active Discovery feature provides IT administrators a broad view of who is connected to a network along with which machines and devices are connected to a network. As new devices are added, Active Discovery will automatically alert MSPs so that they can better manage network activity and protect devices that are already connected.
  • Automated Monitoring. SolarWinds MSP provides reliable systems monitoring that automatically keeps an eye on the status of a wide range of IT equipment, including desk tops, laptops, routers, firewalls, servers and more — right from a single dashboard. Even better, SolarWinds MSP requires no software, hardware, or administrative overhead and offers free training and tech support.
  • Alerting and viewing. The alerting and viewing feature provides MSPs with a 360° view of customer networks, enabling them to catch IT issues early, fix issues remotely and schedule automated tasks from anywhere. 
  • Patch management. Effective patch management not only prevents unauthorized users from accessing sensitive data, it also minimizes the risk of damaged machines and network traffic disruptions. SolarWinds MSP patch management feature includes a comprehensive collection of patch management tools in one application, ensuring all system updates are applied automatically. Additionally, SolarWinds MSP patch management covers all major web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, Safari and Opera. 

Get Started Today!

SolarWinds MSP offers a free, no obligation 30-day trial so that IT professionals can try out the platform before they buy. To sign up, visit our trial page for remote management software and answer a few short questions. Within minutes you will have access to SolarWinds MSP award-winning remote management and monitoring solution. Why wait?

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