SolarWinds MSP's Enterprise Cloud Backup Solution

If you're an MSP or IT professional, use SolarWinds MSP (formerly LOGICnow) as your enterprise cloud backup solution. Our software seamlessly backs up, archives and restores the data your clients need to run their business IT operations with ease. Laptop, smartphone or tablet, we make it easy to access data anywhere and at any time. Download a free trial of our backup software today!

Cloud Backup and Data Storage Features by SolarWinds MSP

As enterprise cloud backup technology develops to meet the needs of fast-paced IT teams and MSPs, it's important to make sure your clients have a backup solution that's just as flexible.

The backup solution by SolarWinds MSP offers recovery options that make it easier than ever to back up and restore any type of data whenever needed. Features of our software include:

Performance. Even your clients' largest files, applications and databases are automatically tracked for changes to quickly back up all types of data with little impact to server performance. So you can keep business as usual and know that all changes are cared for.

Security. Your clients' privacy is guaranteed with our client-side data access. Private key encryption makes it so only authorized parties are allowed access, regardless of whether data is stored on your clients' servers or ours. Our security capabilities are in compliance with government guidelines and HIPAA standards.

Cost. With our pay-per-Gbyte-per-month model, we don’t charge for more than what you're getting. Our backup solution can easily be integrated with existing servers, or you can use our own. There are no hidden fees or overhead for upgrades, and you can try our products for FREE with a 30-day trial with no obligations. We even offer a risk-free trial programs for your customers.

Use SolarWinds MSP for a Cloud Backup Solution

Backup, archive or recovery — no matter how you or your clients use it, SolarWinds MSP is the ideal enterprise cloud backup solution you've been looking for. Let our software take the driver's seat in securing your clients' data and servers, and you can rest easy knowing that our support team is there. Download a free trial of our backup solution today to see how we can better streamline your processes.




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