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The only way to truly safeguard against malware and cyber attacks is with encrypted backup software, such as MSP Backup & Recovery from SolarWinds MSP (formerly LOGICnow). The most obvious precaution is performing backups long before a network might be under threat — so regular, structured backups are essential.

Backups without encryption should be avoided at all costs. That’s an open path for ransomware to move from a “live” active network to backup stores. When ransomware and other viruses gain access to unencrypted backups, the options for data recovery become severely limited.

Protecting Against Data Storage Threats

Committing to regular secure backups is the best strategy for preventing ransomware and other viruses from impacting valuable stored data. Dedicated backup software copies entire hard drives then stores them externally. The only downside: the process, especially initially, can be time consuming.

The good news: after the initial backup, only changes to the existing data store are saved, so backup cycles tend to shrink and the cost of storage becomes much easier to manage. The most sophisticated backup systems, such as SolarWinds MSP’s hybrid cloud recovery and backups, feature a variety of restore options. Bare metal recovery even allows the complete contents of a system to be installed on a different secure system. This is especially useful in a distributed computing environment when server drives fail.

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Defeat Ransomware Attacks with MSP Backup & Recovery

If you want to really protect your client’s data, then you should consider the encrypted backup features of MSP Backup & Recovery. It features private key encryption and client-side (only) data access. It also offers military-grade encryption for both data in transit and at rest.

MSP Backup & Recovery stores your clients' data in SSAE compliant and ISO certified data centers throughout the world and is managed via a single unified dashboard, enabling you and anyone in your team to coordinate backup and recovery services from anywhere in the world.

Some additional benefits and features of MSP Backup & Recovery include:

  • Compatible with a wide range of operating systems and applications
  • Provides complete flexibility to backup just one file, an entire application or a complete server
  • Automatically tracks changes in files between backups
  • Executes backups fast and efficiently to minimize impact to your customer’s operations
  • Adds backup storage that continues to backup data, even during an internet outage
  • Lets you choose between SolarWinds MSP’s servers or your own servers, using only the MSP Backup & Recovery software

Backup & Recovery Focused on Security

Providing security should be a top-level priority for your clients; it certainly is for us. The backup software from SolarWinds MSP features end-to-end encryption — maintaining security throughout the entire process — using AES 128-bit encryption.

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Our backup and recovery system also supports:

  • Archiving
  • Client-side encryption
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Managed antivirus
  • Patch management
  • Private key encryption
  • Security-focused storage

Support Your Clients With Encrypted Backup Software From SolarWinds MSP

The first thing that strikes anyone backing up to the cloud (versus traditional solutions like spare on-premise hard drives) is the flexibility. The cloud exploits the existing data infrastructure to reduce TCO and the need to scope out, buy, install and maintain expensive hardware. And it scales infinitely better, growing in size and capability as your clients grow.

MSP Backup & Recovery dovetails with your IT environments’ configurations to find and prioritize files that require backing up before transmitting them to a certified offsite datacenter. It also offers fast and reliable methods to recover and restore data in case of an emergency. Only the very best-in-class backup services can restore data instantly.

Cloud Backup: Notable Features and Benefits

SolarWinds MSP’s Backup & Recovery was designed to be as lean in operation as possible. This translates to the most minimal strain on CPU, memory bandwidth and storage by exploiting the latest in innovative, best-in-class technology.

  • True Delta Technology

SolarWinds MSP’s Backup & Recovery is powered by True Delta Technology. This technology drastically reduces backup storage requirements as well as upload times. Incremental backups take place only for the block-level data that has changed since the previous backup. This eliminates any requirement to send entire sets of files and documents with every backup.

  • Security

MSP Backup & Recovery keeps client data safe from hacking because the entire flow, from start to finish, complies with the strictest of industry standards (like HIPAA). Encrypted backups on the client side use 128-bit AES, 256-bit AES, or 448 Blowfish to protect data. The only persons capable of accessing the encryption key for recovering a backup are your clients.

Security benefits include no need for a secure internet connection because the data is secure, end-to-end. Restricting the encryption key to customers serves to prohibit illegal or unauthorized access to critical customer data.

  • Hybrid Backup (Onsite and Offsite)

MSP Backup & Recovery’s architecture lets you backup data and recover locally or on the cloud, or even both, from a single unified dashboard. Automated deployment makes installation as simple as installing a single backup client that discovers all systems within the network. All restores are automatically executed from the most rapid source for a given set of data.

  • Cloud Storage

MSP Backup & Recovery uses a mix of global data centers that are geographically diverse to improve reliability and redundancy — far more than customary on-premise solutions can ever provide (backing up to just one data center). No matter what site you choose to backup, each data center complies with SSAE or ISO standards, enforces 24/7/365 physical security, and offers an uptime guarantee of 99.999%.

Benefits include redundant cloud management, wide coverage SLA, increased compliance, and the following datacenter certifications: ISO 9001-14001-27001-50001, OHSAS 18801, PCI DSS and Chapter 9 compliant SSAE16 SOC1

  • Virtual Recovery

VMware has enabled technological leaps over customary solutions with its virtual and bare metal disaster recovery capabilities. MSP Backup & Recovery recovers easily to VMware or Hyper-V virtual servers to help organizations get back on their feet as soon as possible.

Benefits include the ability to granularly select backup files and folders, including those that are either open or in use at the time of backup. Delta changes are sent to VMs automatically, so they’re continuously updated. VM data recovery narrows the delta to the cloud to the most minimal set to provide the fastest restore times possible. And the live backup of Windows System States guarantees complete system recovery following a disaster.

  • Central Monitoring and Management

Only an industry leader offers a true single, unified dashboard that allows for direct management and monitoring. The console is used to set automatic updates via a mouse click. You can also schedule backups per plugin, per hour or every week, and you can restrict some file types from backups. Reports (sent via email) keep you apprised of the overall backup status, use of storage, which data is selected and the success or failure of each job.

  • Plugins

MSP Backup & Recovery supports a wide number of plugins, including:

    • Microsoft SQL plugin
    • Microsoft SharePoint plugin
    • Third-party DB backup — Backs up and restores the majority of third-party DBs and apps as flat files
    • Oracle plugin — Executes live backups with Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN)
    • MySQL plugin — Backs up and restores MySQL databases
    • Hyper-V plugin — Backs up and restores Hyper-V-based virtual machines
    • VMware backup — Eases backups and restores of full virtual machines using Change Block Tracking (CBT), even to other ESX hosts

Find out for yourself how MSP Backup & Recovery from SolarWinds MSP can streamline your security offerings and support your clients with a truly comprehensive encrypted backup software solution. Start your free 30-day trial today!


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