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Lost or corrupt data can paralyze a company. That’s why it is critical to have a contingency plan.

Cloud backup solutions from SolarWinds MSP (formerly LOGICnow) protect valuable data by sending copies of the information to a cloud-based server located at an offsite datacenter. The original content is still available for users, and because the data is backed up to a remote location, it is safeguarded from events that can ruin the data, such as theft, fire, natural disasters, and even spilled water or coffee. It also allows for continued data access, even in the event of a file loss or system failure.

What Is Cloud Backup and Why Do You Need It?

A cloud-based backup solution utilizes existing data infrastructure, reducing total cost of ownership and obviating the need to purchase, install, and maintain expensive equipment. Cloud backup software integrates with IT environments to find and prioritize files for backup, and then transmits them to the offsite datacenters. To ensure that security is maintained when the data leaves an organization, cloud backup solutions should encrypt files before sending them to the cloud and keep them encrypted at their destination.

An optimal cloud backup solution will offer speedy and reliable ways to recover and restore data. Look for cloud backup solutions that restore data instantly, regardless of your location.

Cloud Storage With MSP Backup & Recovery From SolarWinds MSP

MSP Backup & Recovery offers fast, reliable, and automatic cloud backup-and-disaster recovery solutions that secure a company’s business data while eliminating the hassle, worry, and potential hazards of on-premise backup solutions. MSP Backup & Recovery delivers on the promise of true cloud convenience and efficiency, while ensuring that a company’s valuable data is stored safely and securely in case disaster strikes.

For Managed Service Providers (MSPs), MSP Backup & Recovery allows you to perform, manage, and monitor backup and recovery activities for all your clients from a single console, while ensuring that the integrity and security of individual customer data is not compromised.

Key Features and Benefits

MSP Backup & Recovery has been designed from the ground up to have minimal impact on CPU and memory resources, bandwidth, and storage capacities by taking advantage of innovative and industry-leading technologies. Here are a few of the key features and benefits delivered by MSP Backup & Recovery.

True Delta Technology

MSP Backup & Recovery is powered by True Delta Technology, which slashes backup volume capacities and upload times significantly. Incremental backups are limited to only the block-level content that changed since the previous backup, eliminating the need to send entire documents and files with every backup.


  • Backup times are accelerated.
  • Concerns over using excessive bandwidth and cloud storage for conducting daily backups are a thing of the past.


MSP Backup & Recovery keeps data safe from prying eyes throughout the entire backup-and-recovery process and assists with tight compliance standards, such as HIPAA. Client-side encryption using 128-bit AES, 256-bit AES, or 448 Blowfish protects the data being backed up. Only the owners of the data (your customers) have the encryption key for recovering and accessing the encrypted backup.


  • The need for a secure Internet connection us eliminated.
  • Files remain secured even after delivery to their destination.
  • Limiting encryption key to customers eliminates unauthorized access to sensitive data.

MSP Backup & Recovery Client

Client-side features include delta discovery for fast discovery of changes in directories and files. High-level, block-based client-side deduplication eliminates the need to send duplicate data as part of your backups. Client-side compression and cabinet caching reduce bandwidth load, capacities of files stored in the cloud, and the CPU overhead required to backup data. Heterogeneous OS support is provided for the latest Linux, MSP OS X, and Microsoft platforms.


  • Flexible options recover data at the file, volume, application, or machine level, with support for physical, physical-to-virtual (P2V), and virtual-to-virtual (V2V) recovery.
  • Simplifies data archives for organizations whose compliance objectives (e.g., HIPAA) require data to be stored beyond normal retention periods.
  • Files that change less frequently can be excluded from backup retention.
  • File versioning retains the minimum number of archives for improved recoverability.
  • Compression and caching reduce backup windows up to 10 times over traditional backups while using less than 10% of CPU capacity.
  • If a connection fails during backup, backups continue when the connection is restored.
  • Advanced bandwidth throttling limits bandwidth usage during specific hours.

Hybrid (Onsite and Offsite) Backup

MSP Backup & Recovery’s Hybrid Cloud architecture allows you to backup data to and recover it locally, using the cloud, or both — all from a single console. Automated deployment makes installation as simple as installing a single backup client that discovers all systems within the network.


  • The hybrid approach supports storage backups locally and to the cloud.
  • Restores are performed automatically from the fastest recovery source for a given data set.
  • Getting network backups operational across the enterprise is as easy as a single client installation.

Cloud Storage

To minimize security risks associated with data center usage, MSP Backup & Recovery backs up data to fully audited, highly secure global data centers. Using multiple data centers that are geographically diverse offers greater reliability and redundancy than on-premise backups or solutions that back up data to a single data center. MSP Backup & Recovery allows you to choose the country where data will be stored. Regardless of the site you choose, every data center complies with SSAE or ISO standards, has 24/7/365 physical security, and provides a 99.999% uptime guarantee.


  • Redundant cloud management
  • Maximum coverage SLA
  • Stronger compliance safeguards
  • Datacenter certifications: ISO 9001-14001-27001-50001, OHSAS 18801, PCI DSS, and Chapter 9 compliant SSAE16 SOC1

Virtual Recovery

Virtual and bare metal disaster recovery options improve recovery times by recovering failed systems as VMware- or Hyper-V-compatible virtual machines. MSP Backup & Recovery can easily recover to VMware or Hyper-V virtual servers to get organizations up and running as quickly as possible. Bootable recovery media saves time without having to preload the OS during physical server recovery.


  • Granularly select files and folders for backup, including files that are open or in use.
  • Daily delta changes can be sent to a VM automatically, keeping it updated continuously.
  • Data recovery uses the absolute minimum delta from the cloud for very fast restore times.
  • Live backup of Windows System State ensures full system recovery following a disaster.

Virtual Recovery Sans the Virtual Infrastructure

Some systems are so vital to an organization that they run locally to maintain critical benchmarks and leave no room for recovery times. The fastest way to recover these systems is by using bootable local Images. MSP Backup & Recovery builds bootable standby Images as part of the backup process, allowing fast recoveries without requiring Internet access or having to undergo data restores.


  • System recovery times are shortened from days or hours to minutes.
  • Standby images are created locally and do not need to access the Internet or utilize any cloud-based data.
  • Recovery can occur without Internet access, without having to perform data restores.

Central Monitoring and Management

Backups can be managed and monitored from a single console. The console can also be used to configure automatic updates for all clients using a single mouse click; schedule backups per plugin, per hour, or every week; and exclude selected file types from being backed up. Email reports keep you updated on the status of your backups, storage use, data selected, and the success/failure of each job.


  • Easily select items to back up using a predefined set of files.
  • Prioritize which files will be the first to be backed up and restored.
  • Exclude data you don’t want to back up.
  • Drag-and-drop, self-service restores can be performed from your local virtual backup.


MSP Backup & Recovery supports a variety of plugins, including:

  • Microsoft SQL plugin — Protects live Microsoft SQL Server database backup and conducts delta restores of blocks that changed since the previous backup
  • Microsoft SharePoint plugin — Uses Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS) to perform live Microsoft SharePoint Server backup
  • Third-party database backup — Backs up and restores most third-party databases and applications as flat files, with some databases processed “live”
  • Oracle plugin — Performs live backups using Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN)
  • MySQL plugin — Backs up and restores MySQL databases
  • Hyper-V plugin — Backs up and restores Hyper-V-based virtual machines
  • VMware backup — Simplifies backups and restores of full virtual machines using Change Block Tracking (CBT), even to other ESX hosts

Cloud Backup and Remote Management Solutions From SolarWinds MSP

SolarWinds MSP delivers the only 100% SaaS, fully cloud-based IT service management (ITSM) platform, backed by collective intelligence and the highest levels of layered security. SolarWinds MSP's products — including Risk Intelligence, Remote Management, Backup & Disaster Recovery, and MSP Mail Protection — comprise the market’s most widely trusted integrated solution.

Deployed on millions of endpoints across hundreds of thousands of networks, the platform has the industry vision to define and deliver the future of the market. SolarWinds MSP provides the most comprehensive IT security available as well as LOGICcards, the first ever IT notification feature powered by prescriptive analytics and machine learning.

SolarWinds MSP’s passion is helping IT professionals secure and manage their systems and data through actionable insights, rewriting the rules of IT. For more information, visit

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