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N-able Take Control Plus vs. LogMeIn Rescue

Feature for feature, N-able Take Control Plus offers more value for your remote-support-solution dollar.

Why did so many N-able Take Control Plus customers switch from LogMeIn Rescue?

Take Control Plus is secure, faster to connect, and it offers more tools to resolve support issues quickly-while delighting your end users. And did we mention it's less expensive?

If you're thinking about LogMeIn Rescue, read on.

"N-able quality in remote support"

"I had used LogMeIn Central for years, but the cost increased to an unaffordable price. I tried many alternatives, until I found Take Control. It has proven to be reliable and at a fraction of the cost of LogMeIn."

Doug E, President Unison Technology Inc

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Why Top MSPs choose N-able Take Control over LogMeIn Rescue

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The Sharper a Technician's Tools, the Faster a Ticket Can Be Resolved

Powerful tools placed right at a technician's fingertips means faster issue resolution. Compare LogMeIn Rescue to the features of the Take Control Technician Console and Remote Viewer. Does it include:

  • Registry editing?
  • A fast, "native-featured" command line experience?
  • Flexible script execution to make quick work of rote tasks?
  • Integrated password management with Secrets Vaults or integrated N-able Passportal?
  • Connection in typically under 8 seconds?

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Don’t Trust the Security of Your Clients with Just Anyone

When you think about it, what could feel riskier to an end user than having someone tunnel into their computer? That’s why Take Control takes security so seriously, offering:

  • Diffie-Hellman Elliptic Curve encryption protocols
  • An ISO 27001-certified development environment
  • FIPS (140-2)-compliant cryptographic library modules to help secure Windows device to Windows device remote connections
  • Multifactor authentication, the ability to limit the IP addresses that can access the product, and end-user authorization for unattended sessions

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Security of Your Clients
Clear Communication

Customer Satisfaction Starts with Responsiveness and Clear Communication

When your users have a problem, they want help fast, so they can get on with their day. That’s why Take Control Plus offers video calling for when audio or live chat just aren’t sufficient.

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What Our Customers Say

N-able Take Control is a leader in Remote Support on G2
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Users love N-able Take Control on G2

"Love the product. It always works and the support has been great!"

Brandon Byron, CEO
Bainbridge Technology Solutions (US)

"The Take Control customer dashboard keeps all our customer details in one place."

Allan Gee, CEO
Equation (South Africa)

"I like that Take Control is ON and READY no matter what computer I am on, or what state I am in. I log in and all the information is there waiting for me."

Hollyecho Montgomery, IT professional
Women's Computer Consulting (CA)

"Take Control Plus does everything that we expected and then some at *one third of the cost* of other competitors."

Steve Anderson, CEO
Economic Computers (US)