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N-able Security Bundles for N-central

Turnkey layered security

Cyberattacks are increasing in volume and can be catastrophic to your customers. Traditional antivirus is not enough. In fact, 4% of people will click on any given phishing campaign*. Layered security can help provide best-practice protection for your SMB customers.

The N-able Security Bundle for N-central® with discounted packaged pricing is designed to make it easy and affordable for you to deliver layered security to your customers.

Call your account representative at 1-855-679-0817, and they will walk you through the products and the bundle-specific pricing to help you build a simple-to-sell bundle.

Key Benefits

Land new business

  • Flexibility to build the bundle that suits your customers best
  • Add all the security features or choose complementary features to add

Grow your business

  • Add additional security features to existing deployments, and earn the bundling discount

Layered Security Components

* "2018 Data Breach Investigations Report," Verizon. (Accessed November 2018).

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