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11 April, 2013

The Importance of the MSP Kit Box

By Richard Tubb

Last year I wrote a blog post that struck a chord with many MSP Biz Man readers. Three Really Easy Ways to Reduce the Costs of Supporting Your MSP Clients offered up some common sense advice for becoming efficient when servicing clients. Read more
3 January, 2013

Getting Started in Virtualization

By Scott Calonico

If you run an MSP and have yet to embrace virtualization, now is the time to get up to speed. Making use of virtual servers and desktops is no longer the preserve of enterprise-size companies and tech enthusiasts. Virtualization has numerous potential applications in the SME marketplace too. These include: Read more
31 December, 2012

Windows Server 2012 – The New Features MSPs Should Know About

By Scott Calonico

Windows Server 2012 was formally released in September 2012. As an MSP, you’re no doubt aware of its existence, but have you actually used it yet? Do you know what to expect? If not, this post should help you. Read more
28 November, 2012

Formalize Service Delivery to Improve Your MSP Business

By Scott Calonico

“Formalizing service delivery” doesn’t sound very exciting does it? In many ways, it’s not, but if you want your MSP business to perform to its full potential and attract high-paying, prestigious clients, you need to deliver services in the most professional way possible. Read more
26 November, 2012

Are your SLAs Working for YOU?

By Scott Calonico

Let’s assume, for the purposes of this article, that you have formal service level agreements defined and in place with your clients. After all, if you are a professional MSP business this really should be the case! But how do you view your SLAs? Are they: 1.  Something you agree with your customers, only for them never to be mentioned again? Read more
18 September, 2012

What the new iPhone 5 means for MSPs

By Scott Calonico

Wednesday, 12th September 2012 saw thousands of tech journalists, IT geeks and Apple fan boys huddling around a host of live blog feeds, keen to find out all the latest details on the new iPhone 5. The hotly anticipated new iPhone boasts a taller, slimmer form factor, a larger touchscreen, 4G mobile connectivity and a fast, A6 processor. Read more
6 September, 2012

Three Really Easy Ways to Reduce the Costs of Supporting Your MSP Clients

By Richard Tubb

The fundamental tenet of offering Managed IT Services is, in my opinion, efficiency. As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) serving small businesses, you are going to be creating an offering at a price that is attractive to clients, but is profitable for you. Read more
19 July, 2012

Writing SLAs to Help Protect Your Business

By Scott Calonico

It is wrong to think of service level agreements as nothing more than a list of rules you must adhere to in order to keep your clients happy. There are many ways in which well-considered SLAs can protect your business and minimize your stress. Here’s why: Read more
17 July, 2012

Writing SLAs - response and resolution times

By Scott Calonico

Defining acceptable SLA response times is a key task in defining your relationship with your customers, here’s advice on how to set them. Read more