Winning More MSP Business with the "So that..." Technique

Richard Tubb

business cardDoes your MSP web-site or marketing material speak to the prospective clients you want to work with?

A good IT Solution Provider or Managed Service Provider (MSP) web-site should focus on moving a client away from pain and towards pleasure.

In other words, instead of selling a Cloud Hosted e-mail solution, you should sell increased service uptime, the convenience of roaming access to e-mails and a more user friendly client interface.

One way to demonstrate that you both understand the prospects pain and can move them towards pleasure is by using the “So That…” technique.

I can solve your problem so that…

To use the “So That…” technique, as well as saying “We sell Cloud Hosted e-mail” you would say “We  sell Cloud Hosted e-mail so that you don’t miss out on receiving important e-mails” or “so that you can access your e-mail from anywhere you are” or “so that you can save time managing your e-mails”.

Give specific, compelling reasons on why the prospect might work with you.

The more specific, the better.

Be specific

Don’t worry about being too specific. There is an old phrase “You can’t please all of the people all of the time” which is applicable to this situation.

Much better that you list a specific pain that will immediately compel some prospects to contact you to discuss a sale than trying to use “catch all” phrases that you want to appeal to everybody. So “catch all” phrases rarely catch anything.

For example, in my own business providing coaching for owners of MSP businesses I don’t focus on the two men hi-fiving myriad issues that I think MSP owners may struggle with.

Instead I focus specifically on the main issues that I know are holding them back.

“Have you bought an RMM or PSA tool but you don’t think you’re getting the most value from it?

We can work together so that I can show you how to effectively use your RMM and PSA tools to reduce your operational costs and increase your efficiency and profitability, helping you to feel justified in your investment”.

That statement is very specific, and uses a “So that…” statement to describe the benefit the client will realize from working with me.

Again, don’t worry about being too specific. There is no need to worry about perceived lost opportunities (which are actually far fewer than you’d imagine) which aren’t solid, when you are working towards ideal opportunities that are solid.


Ensure that your MSP web-site and marketing material speak to prospective clients about moving away from pain and towards pleasure.

Do this by using the “So that…” technique and be specific about pain points, so that when your prospects read how you are able to help them, it will strike a chord and ensure they contact you!

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