Why Your MSP Will Be Forever Unfinished

Richard Tubb

Here’s a fact that you may already know, but not really want to acknowledge.

It’s a fact that often separates highly successful IT Solution Providers and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) from the less successful ones.

That fact is that no matter how well developed your business is, no matter how long you’ve been building your business and no matter how much money you’re making - your business will always be a work in progress.

Moving from Break/Fix to Managed Services

During the course of my work providing expert help to IT companies, I speak to a lot of IT business owners who are making the transition from Break/Fix to Managed Services. There is a feeling that once they implement Managed Services for their clients, their business will have achieved its goal.

While its true that making the move to Managed Services will mean your business is more scalable, more sustainable and generally in a better place to grow rapidly - moving to Managed Services is just the beginning.

Using RMM Tools

For instance - once you’ve got your Remote Management & Monitoring (RMM) tool in place, you’ll realize that you can manage many more client servers, workstations and network equipment than you ever could before. Over time you’ll start to monitor all your client equipment, from the smallest Network Switch to the most powerful Firewall, until you’ll reach a stage where you’re alerted to issues and able to respond to them often before the client is aware.

But then your attention will start to turn to automation. Instead of responding to alerts, what if you could prevent them altogether? Pro-active maintenance becomes the new “normal” - and you’ve raised the bar higher for you and your team.

Creating an Operations Manual

Likewise, as you begin to move from Break/Fix to Managed Services - you begin to create an Operations Manual for your business - documenting systems and processes to enable you to efficiently and effectively deliver services both to your clients and internally.

Will you reach a stage where every piece of work you do on a day-to-day basis is documented? Maybe, but then you’ll start looking at the processes you created earlier and seeing how they could be improved.

Success vs Progress

The former President of IBM, Thomas J. Watson once said “Whenever an individual or business decides that success has been attained, progress stops.”. To put it simply - for a business to attain success, progress is always necessary.

So if you’re an IT business owner making the move from Break/Fix to managed Services - don’t be overwhelmed by all the things you believe you need to do to get there. Focus on one thing at a time, and do it well.

If you’re a MSP owner, you very likely know more today about what you do, the clients you work with and how you can serve them best than you did when you when you began. No doubt you’ve taken what you’ve learned and applied this to your business, changing what doesn’t work work, and completing what you perceive to be incomplete.


The fact is that your business - whatever stage of its growth - will always be a work in progress. Once you accept that, every day will bring an opportunity to do one more thing that can advance your business towards a better condition than it was yesterday.

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