Why a mobile service desk is good for your business

Pete Roythorne

Mobile devices are enabling your customers’ businesses, so why should they not be enabling yours? The reality of being in IT services is that when you’re out in the field, the way you handle IT issues can make or break your customers’ experience. The more quickly and efficiently you can solve their issues, the more likely you are to be keeping them happy.

Having your technicians able to access your service desk tool on the go is a powerful way to starting to improve both your business and your service. Sure, they could always use a laptop on site, but having the system based on technicians’ mobile devices makes access more instant Plus it has some other powerful benefits alongside that for the back office.

Using the GPS function built into smartphones enables you to track where your agents are in the field. This is helpful on a number of levels; not only does it allow you to see where your techs are at any given moment, but it also means that if a client calls in with a serious issue you can direct the closest tech to them and accurately predict their estimated time of arrival. Which is a great way of putting your customers’ at ease as quickly as possible.

For the technicians themselves in the field there are any number of efficiencies to be had from having mobile access to your service desk, efficiencies that will help them stay connected and improve productivity. It can also provide seamless integration with the rest of your teams’ processes – from accessing real-time data on customers’ ticket history, to interactive features like maps and directions – ultimately transforming your field service capabilities and enabling you to manage your clients anytime and anywhere. 

Here’s just some of the core benefits you’re likely to see.

  • Know where you’ll be and when
    By combining a schedule planner with a calendar and GPS functionality, technicians can accurately and efficiently plan their site visits, as well as call ahead to update customer on arrival times. 
  • Instant access to information 
    Faster access to information, including retrieving real time customer data and records whilst on-the-go enables technicians to be better prepared and also much more responsive.
  • Accurate tracking of billable time and costs
    Tracking time and mileage is vital to providing your customers with accurate costs, as well as helping to capture more billable time.
  • Get client jobs signed off from your phone
    Getting a client job signed off can be done more professionally: clients simply sign the technician’s mobile screen and approve jobs. Then comments and images can be easily attached and processed. And all before the technician leaves the appointment!
  • Better and faster issue resolution 
    All businesses are looking to improve productivity. By using a mobile service desk app, detailed comments can be added to tickets as you go, giving you and your team a better overview of issues so you can resolve them more quickly. From the back office perspective, having complete access to your site engineers, whether you’re on site or in the office, gives you a better overview of issues so you can resolve them more quickly.

By being able to access your service desk on the road via a mobile app you’re allowing your technicians to be more productive for you and your clients. Sounds like common sense really. So, if you’re not doing this already, you need to be asking yourself why?