What’s the overwhelming desire and what’s stopping you?

Chris Martin

Pen and survey results. The GFI MAX January 2011 Survey highlighted the Number 1 business desire amongst GFI MAX customers, regardless of geography and regardless of company size/maturity is to grow market share.

This was nearly 45% of respondents Number 1 pick –over 3.5 times more popular that the next two (run business more efficiently and service excellence) with 12% respectively.

We know from previous surveys that most IT Support Companies are owner-managed, in the region of 60-80%, and more than likely these will be technical guys who grew tired of working for ‘The Man’ and went on their own.

I guess, I know this well, because this was me (8 or so years ago).

I was like a quivering wreck when it came to promoting and selling my business until I took on bank debt to grow the company. Then I had to.

So, I committed to marketing and sales and our company doubled in size ever year.

Occasionally, I look back at some of the marketing and other stuff I did back then and cringe. However, I was doing it, and learning from mistakes and then doing it again better.

So that’s my message – any marketing you do is better than nothing (as long as you feedback lessons learned). And, in short time you’ll be a marketing guru and your problem will be finding technical staff not customers.