Webinar Reminder - Selling Cloud Services to Business Owners

Scott Calonico

Hello everyone,

Just a quick reminder that there's still some time to sign up for today's webinar on Selling Cloud Services to Business Owners, Not IT Managers.

We've got Paul Byrne from ChannelCloud.co.uk and Seth Oxhandler from CoolCat, Inc. who will discuss some of their strategies on conveying cloud services to a non-IT mindset.

Don't have time to attend? Don't worry, go ahead and register anyway. In a few days, you'll get an automatic email telling you where you can download the presentation, video and audio.

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Just as with any other fancy conference or presentation you'll attend this year, we'll have goodies on hand to keep your satisfied.

webinar coffee donuts












In this case, enjoy a cyber muffin and cup of coffee while you listen.