Virtual Personal Assistant Reviews - AskSunday

Scott Calonico

2012 is right around the corner, so it's time to take stock of what you did right in 2011 and get ready for doing business in the new year.

Did you find yourself with not enough time to do all the things that needed done in your business?

In an earlier article, we talked about the possibility of hiring a virtual personal assistant. Over the first weeks of the New Year, we'll take a look at a few different companies so you can help determine which virtual personal assistant company is right for you.

Today, we're going to take a look at AskSunday.

Pricing Plans

Rather than talk about the service first and tell you what it does, I'll go ahead and jump right to the important stuff - price. AskSunday offers two main assistants, Dedicated and On Demand. With the dedicated, you pay a monthly fee for a set number of hours, with additional hours available at structured hourly rates. Monthly plans range from between 10 hours a month up to 40.

If a monthly plan doesn't fit your needs, you can opt for the On Demand service, which is strictly billed by the hour, with an activation fee for each week of usage.

(Prices current as of 12/2011)
Dedicated Assistants

10 hours
Additional hours @ $13/hr

20 hours
Additional hours @ $12/hr

40 hours
Additional hours @ $10/hr

On Demand

Activation fee $3/week

Benefits of a Virtual Personal Assistant

One word: overhead. With an outsourced personal assistant, you don't have to worry about buying another computer, renting more office space, upping your health insurance, paying into another 401(K) or misuse of the office copier.

When using an AskSunday Dedicated Assistant, you can reach them by email, IM or phone, all the way up to 7:30PM Eastern US time.


This is the heart of the matter. What do you need help with? AskSunday states that their assistants can handle a number of diverse tasks, including:

  • Data analysis
  • Database research
  • Social media management
  • Document editing
  • Travel plans

Now, as to whether you can trust a virtual personal assistant to optimize your MySQL database tables is a call that's totally up to you. But for things like day to day administrative tasks, you'll probably save yourself quite a bit of time by handing off your more mundane tasks.

For example, we've written quite a bit about social media management and the importance of keeping a social media presence for your business. A virtual personal assistant could just be the solution you're looking for to keep your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ (and whatever new social network 2012 brings us) all up to date and in sync.

Contacting Ask Sunday

The majority of work on AskSunday is done through the AskSunday portal. Once you login the first time with your AskSunday user name and password, you can then set the portal so you can login with Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or other accounts.

To submit a task to AskSunday, just fill out one of their standard forms. After submission, you'll be able to track the request of your task as well as submit any other information as needed.

They also have an iPhone app that allows you to turn in your tasks on the go.

Your View

Of course, this is AskSunday taken at face value from their website. Have you had the opportunity to use AskSunday or any other virtual personal assistant service? If so, what did you think?

Feel free to drop us a line or leave a comment below.