Vertical markets: Some ideas for 2015 and beyond

Scott Calonico

While many MSPs take business from wherever they can find it, some choose to find themselves a vertical market niche. This can prove a good strategy, as it provides a way to define a unique service portfolio and target a particular sector.

Gartner, the IT research firm, recently produced a report detailing the vertical markets that appear set to boom in 2015 and beyond. In this article, we examine a few of the most interesting. If you are looking at where to target your next marketing drive, one of these vertical markets could prove both rewarding and lucrative.

Financial Services

Gartner’s report states that financial institutions will be looking to cut costs in the coming years by using cloud services for the processing of financial transactions. Perhaps it’s time to think about the smaller financial firms and their unique requirements?

DNA Sequencing

Getting involved with DNA sequencing might sound awfully futuristic (and unrealistic) for a fledgling MSP business, but there’s no need to fully understand the science.

All you do need to comprehend is that advances in full genome sequencing are progressing at a serious rate, and that the implications for processing power and storage are huge. MSPs with a good data center infrastructure and the knowledge to comply with HIPAA regulations could be in a position to profit from the need for data banks containing complex medical information.

Government Bodies

The ongoing global financial situation continues to result in cuts to state staffing levels. Gartner estimate that over 60% of the government departments who employ both a CIO and a CDO will make one of the roles redundant in the coming years.

The likely result of this is a need to outsource some of the work previously being done by these high-level staff members.


Online education is booming at all levels, and Gartner predict that spending levels will increase by 25% within the next four years. This represents a huge amount of new business for MSPs working in the education sector.

3D Printing

3D printing is (arguably) the most significant development in technology in many years. Things are advancing at a mind-blowing pace; 3D printers seem to have moved from the pages of The New Scientist to main street stores in no time at all.

3D printing is obviously bad news for many industries, especially manufacturing, and the intellectual property implications that creep in once people can print everyday objects are too complex to predict.

What you can be sure of, however, is that there is going to be a need for people to sell, support and maintain all of the 3D printers that are going to hit the world in the coming years. When people are going to be replaced by machines, the best strategy is to know how to fix the machines!