Using LinkedIn to Get More MSP Business

Scott Calonico

Are you using LinkedIn as a marketing tool for your MSP business?

If not, it’s well worth making use of it to spread the word about your services, and it’s a great platform from which to reach out to old business contacts who may prove to be a great source of new leads. Best of all, it needn’t cost you anything to get started.

Here’s a five-step plan to help you use LinkedIn to boost your MSP business:

1. Build a great personal profile and company page

The first step on LinkedIn is to create your own personal profile. You can then begin to make “connections” with your business contacts (which is essentially the same as “adding friends” on Facebook).

Once you have established your personal presence on LinkedIn, you can build a company page for your MSP detailing your products and services. You must meet certain criteria before you can build a company page, and the requirements are detailed here:

It’s important to spend time thinking about the wording on your profile and company page, and you may wish to use the services of a copywriter who is experienced with LinkedIn to strike the perfect balance between social networking and “marketing speak.”

Finally, you may also wish to encourage members of your team to develop their own LinkedIn presence, which will result in “links” to more contacts and potential leads.

2. Join relevant groups

LinkedIn’s “groups” feature allows you to join groups relevant to your profession. Once you belong to some well-chosen groups, you can engage in discussions, which will prove your knowledge of the industry, and perhaps begin topics of your own. All of this will contribute to your overall presence and visibility on the social network.

3. Get in touch with old contacts

Once you are active on LinkedIn, you will find yourself getting back in touch with old contacts – perhaps those you have worked with in the past. Embrace this opportunity to chat with old colleagues and associates, any one of which could be a source of new business for your MSP.

In addition, old contacts will probably be happy to endorse your skills or provide recommendations, often without any prompting, further building your reputation on the platform.

4. Join the job boards

The LinkedIn job boards are widely used by companies and recruitment agencies who are looking for IT staff.

It’s worth joining the boards and considering pitching to companies who are looking for internal staff, perhaps suggesting your services as an alternative. This is especially effective if you share “connections” with people involved with the companies in question.

5. Think local

LinkedIn is a great place to get in touch with other businesses in your local area, via groups or mutual connections. Groups of local companies are a great place to “cross refer” your services.

LinkedIn is far more than a business version of Facebook if it is used correctly. After some initial effort, it takes little time to maintain a presence. If you’re not already “LinkedIn” it’s time to head to the website and get started on your profile.