Tips on Selling Managed Services Non-verbally

John Black

It's said that even when we're not saying anything verbally that we are still communicating non-verbally.  If this is true, then it's critical for computer consultants trying to sell managed services to understand what they might be signaling to their prospects without knowing. 

Of course there is information encoded in our body language, tone of voice and facial expressions that we should be concerned with.  However, what about some of the more simple gestures in human relations?

Are you mobilizing these factors in your IT marketing efforts?

Dress For Success

Some of the key non-verbal cues occur right at the beginning when face-to-face meetings with potential customers first take place. 

Here are just a few examples of some of the non-verbal clues you can be sending out just from the way you're dressed during a meeting:

  • how big and successful your company might be
  • how successful you are
  • how important you consider your client or potential client

If you're dressed like a tech then you may be saying non-verbally that you're a one man show, or that the meeting is only of 'casual' importance. 

Dress like a true professional so you can project success and show that you believe the prospect is worth trying to impress!

Show Strength With Numbers

The second issue that could determine how you're perceived when making introductions would be the number of people attending the meeting.  If just one person shows up to present on initial meetings, then this might cause the prospect to wonder how big your company really is - or if you're just a one-man-show. 

This is important because the size of your company can be a huge deciding factor for most businesses.  Normally they already have a small tech provider that's not responsive enough and they are looking for a technology firm that has a larger staff. 

No matter how big your computer business is or how many techs you have currently, you can send the right signal by having at least two or as many as three people attend all your sales meetings. 

Come Bearing Gifts

One of the last gestures you can make that can 'say' more than all your words put together, would be to bring a gift card.  

Of course, your intention is not to 'bribe' the prospect; but rather to demonstrate how important the meeting is to you and let them know you truly appreciate them taking time from their busy schedules.  This action can often break the ice with prospects and get them to reciprocate by paying rapt attention to your presentation along with keeping them more engaged in the sales process. 

If you diligently employ all these non-verbal techniques on your IT sales leads then you can start selling the moment you walk through the door before uttering a single word!