Three Simple Ways To Win More MSP Business

Richard Tubb

businessmen shaking handsAsk any IT Solution Provider or Managed Service Provider (MSP) what they would like for their business and the answer is invariably “more clients”.

Yet when pressed, most MSP owners will express that they don’t seem to have enough time to go out and find new clients, nor do they have the knowledge to put together a marketing plan.

With that said, as we discovered in my recent webinar Creating a Lead Generation plan for your MSP - finding new leads and cultivating them to lead to new business doesn’t have to be complicated OR time consuming.

To get you started, here are three easy ways you can win more MSP business.

Share Content with Prospects

Those of us in the UK and with a long enough memory will recall the old Royal Mail advert entitled “I saw this and thought of you” which encouraged us to send letters, newspaper clippings and items through the post to friends and family to remind them we were thinking of them.

Fast-forward to the modern day, and a surprisingly overlooked way of converting prospects into clients is simply keeping in touch.

Think back to the last meeting you had with your prospect. They probably raised a number of discussion businessmen around desk points around technology or business issues.

Every day, set yourself a reminder to contact three of your current prospects to share a piece of content that you think they would find valuable around these discussion points. This might mean you send them:-

  • a letter with a copy of a highlighted magazine article on Disaster Recovery
  • an e-mail with a link to a web-site discussing Cloud Computing
  • a Tweet with a link to a blog on the pro’s and con’s of Apple vs PC

Drop them the content with a note saying “Saw this and was reminded of our conversation. I hope all is well with you!” and leave it at that.

You’d be flabbergasted how few of your competitors do this. It’s so much more powerful than contacting your prospect to ask them if they’re ready to move forwards with the deal yet. This shows you are thinking about them, and want to add value to your relationship, but aren’t pressuring them.

If you have ANY prospects who you “keep meaning to contact” or feel awkward because you’ve not followed up with properly - then use this technique NOW.

People buy from people they know, like and importantly, remember. Don’t lose out to your competitors because you’ve been forgotten!

Be The Connector

If you want to make yourself valuable to a prospect, introduce them to others.

By connecting your prospect with other people who they will benefit from knowing, they will remember you businessman shaking hands as someone who is looking out for ways to help their business grow.

For instance, you speak to a prospect who sells digital signage. After your meeting, you recall that one of your existing clients is opening a series of retail shops. By connecting your existing client and your prospect, you’re adding value to both parties - and both parties will appreciate how you are thinking of them.

If you actively look for these types of connections, you’ll soon acquire a reputation as a connector - somebody others want to do business with.

Provide Recommendations

Offering recommendations is a valuable way to build trust with a prospect.

That prospect who you met with who mentioned they were considering buying a new laptop computer? Send them recommendations to your favorite laptops, no strings attached. Don’t try to sell them the laptop, just send them a link to find out more and describe why you recommend this particular make and model.

It doesn’t have to be business related recommendations either. If the prospect mentioned that their daughter is getting married in the New Year, why not follow-up by sending them a recommendation to the Catering company that you’ve used before and rate highly.

In both cases, you are offering value without asking for anything in return. That’s a powerful way to build up trust.


In these examples we are looking for ways to show the prospect that we can provide them with value, even before we’ve started doing business with them!

In my experience, this is powerful - and may just be the pointer the prospect needs to start working with you.

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