A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down

John Black

I had a chance to catch a few minutes of Mary Poppins over the weekend and the very first musical number belted out by the famous nanny really struck me as extremely motivational. 

Of course that song was meant to help persuade the children with that dreaded task of tidying up their room.

However, I immediately saw potential to use this musical number to help motivate computer business owners with that loathsome task of IT marketing.  Specificily by adding some sugar to the slavish work of cold calling for sales leads.

Make Work Seem Fun!

The scene that impressed me was where Mary tells the children that they are going to get started playing games and then proceeds to instruct the children about the game of cleaning up their room. 

This leaves the children bewildered and confused because what she is saying doesn't seem congruent with logic.  The kids sheepishly try to clarify this conundrum by asking if cleaning up the room is really game, not a work.

This is when the most golden philosophy designed to help adjust attitude is revealed to both the youths and the audience.  We are told that we have to find the element of work and is FUN and then work becomes a game!

Thiss beg the question: how could the repetitive work of dialing the phone over and over again ever be seen as a fun game? 

Well, the last time I checked every game has a score board and there was sometimes even a prize for the winner. 

If you want to turn your dreary and stagnate IT call center into a more FUN environment that is also more productive then try to turn the whole effort into a game. 

Start by putting up a score board that allows every telemarketer to post up the IT sales leads they get each day and turn the whole thing into a competition.  

To ensure that this competitive spirit catches on make sure to offer some prizes for those top performers. Just make sure the prize is something a little more inspiring than steak knives. (Let's not even mention third prize.)

If you execute this advice then you might end up getting the shock of your life then next time you go into the IT marketing call center and see all the workers signing and dancing as they work. 

John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing. His experience ranges from writing articles, blogging, telemarketing, sales coaching and speaking at events.