Source: Sobel pays a visit to the Big Apple (But why?)

Marc Thaler

Dave Sobel recently made a mid-week stop in Manhattan. But why was he in the Big Apple?

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a source close to the MAXfocus Director of Partner Community confirmed he traveled to New York City via Amtrak on April 22. The source would not comment on the purpose of Sobel’s pit stop, saying only that “it would be pure speculation at this point to discuss why Dave was there.”

Community manager Nadia Karatsoreos knows Sobel’s schedule like it’s her own. Even she was caught off guard by the question about her boss’ whereabouts.

“Are you sure Dave went to New York?” she asked. “He is always open with his travel plans – where he is going and why. This is news to me.”

A resident of the Washington, D.C., metro area, Sobel is a diehard fan of Major League Baseball’s Washington Nationals. On April 6, Sobel posted the following message to his Twitter page:


Maybe Sobel took in a Nationals road game against the New York Mets? It’s a good theory, but the team schedule shows the Nationals hosted the St. Louis Cardinals April 22 in the second game of a three-game series.

Sobel himself was coy when reached for a comment.

“You are more than welcome to look in my Outlook calendar and report what you find there,” he said with a laugh.

Details are scant. Sobel’s schedule for April 22 only says “Dinner TBD” for a two-hour window between 6:30 and 8:30 p.m.

Striking out with the baseball theory, here’s another one: Sobel and his team are actively recruiting speakers for the MAX 2015 Customer Conference series. IT and managed services influencer Karl Palachuk, also a frequent MAX IQ contributor, was recently announced as keynote speaker for the Australia and United States events. He offered a taste of the topics he’ll discuss in this IQ article.

Whether the intention of Sobel’s New York trip was to nail down another guest speaker remains to be seen. But it’s a logical guess, based on this mid-March story about September’s U.S. show.

“We’re investing in our community, outreach and education efforts – clearly,” he told IQ.