Should you avoid sharing client testimonials on your MSP website?

Richard Tubb

man giving a testimonyOne great way to attract inbound enquiries for your IT Solution Provider or Managed Service Provider (MSP) business is to include strong client testimonials or case studies on your website.

A good testimonial (it’s worth asking yourself, are you making these mistakes with your client testimonials) offers social proof to a prospective client that you are working with other businesses just like these. A case study goes a step further, describing the problem your client was experiencing, how you solved that problem for your client, and the benefits the client has now experienced. Once again, this provides social proof and a tendency for prospective clients to read about your work and associate themselves with the existing clients you are working with.

Bizarrely though, some IT businesses don’t feature their clients on their website. I came across one such business recently and asked the owner why this was. His answer? “Well, we don’t want to provide our competitors with all our clients details do we!”

Being Afraid of Losing Clients

I understand the thinking behind this MSP owners answer - if the MSP provides web site testimonials featuring the names of their clients and even the decision makers at those clients then their competitors can easily contact those clients and try to poach them away.

But the logic doesn’t hold up to examination. The benefits of publicly associating yourself with successful clients are many, and the downsides few.

If your MSP business is really that scared that merely the name of a decision maker at a client is enough for your competitor to even begin a conversation with your client, let alone lure them away, then I’d suggest you need to have a good look at the nature of your relationship with your clients.

Client Loyalty

If you’ve invested time and energy into building a strong relationship with your client, then it won’t matter if your competitors contact them to try to lure them away - they’ll be happy with your service and won’t consider straying.

In fact, on more than one occasion when I ran my own MSP, clients who I’d built a strong relationship actually telephoned me to let me know that a competitor had been trying to win their business - and that they sent them packing!

On the opposite side of the fence though, if you’ve invested no time and effort into building a relationship, and your client looks at you purely as a supplier - someone they can shop around to replace with someone else who is cheaper - then of course, you have a lot to fear from those competitors telephone calls to your clients. Whether you publish your clients name on your website or not though, those competitors telephone calls will come anyway...


Publishing testimonials and case studies from satisfied clients on your MSP website is a great way to help prospective clients understand the quality of the work you do, the type of clients you work with, and the benefits you deliver to them. These prospects will associate themselves with your existing clients and want to talk to you.

Sure, your competitors might come snooping and even contact your clients to try to poach them away - but if you have a strong relationship then you’ve nothing to fear.

If, on the other hand, you don’t have a strong relationship and are fearful that a telephone call from your competitor could result in you losing business then isn’t it about time you invested more time and energy into improving your client relationships?

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