Deliver world class service with Dave Sobel at the Service Desk and IT Support Show!

Dave Sobel

I do love the opportunity to do education. One of the main reasons I sold my own Managed Services Provider was my desire to be involved in more community and education efforts, and so I love the opportunity to pull together material to expand the industry.

Dave Sobel PresentsI’m speaking next week at the Service Desk and IT Support show in London, and doing a new presentation on how to deliver world class service. With IT departments facing new competition even internally, MSPs are well positioned to assist and augment IT in organizations that have them, and able to deliver comprehensive services for SME’s that don’t.

Walking through the sales process is a hot topic. How do solution providers position themselves? How do they drive into an organization effectively, and how do they then move to a value-based relationship, where the focus is on uptime and delivering comprehensive services while clearly understanding the costs of service delivery and the profit margins to be had?

As the engagement continues, how does a focus on user-management and customer-first, help a solution provider and their service desk to be competitive and effective? How does the use of technology allow for a proactive response system, and how can tools be used to ensure maximum efficiency for the customer, yet minimal pain of dealing with the help desk?

Finally, how do you handle commercial pressure, and focus on profit at the same time? It’s a challenge to manage both parts within the organization, and what pressures are real, and which are internal?

The presentation will combine industry data with real world examples, combining theory with execution to help make the insights actionable. While theory is wonderful, converting that into practice is the key.

I hope you’ll join me, and ask questions!