Selling the benefits of network auditing

Ben Taylor

It doesn't take much to convince IT professionals of the benefits of network auditing solutions. The ability to quickly inventory hardware and software across an infrastructure and check for any hidden vulnerabilities can protect against nasty surprises and cut down on dull, repetitive administrative tasks.

network-auditingSelling network auditing to clients as a chargeable, add-on service can be slightly more challenging, not least because many will not really understand what the software does.

The best way to sell it is to explain the features and benefits in a non-technical, business-focused way. Here are some ideas:

1. Discuss Accountability

If a company is found to be using illegal software, the likely outcome is financial penalties and reputational damage. Unless the IT team spends its time looking over user’s shoulders, it’s impossible to keep a constant eye on what everyone is doing. Make clients realize that they simply cannot afford to ignore rogue, cracked copies of Photoshop or exceeded license counts.

2. Emphasize the Benefits of Proactive Practices

Network auditing solutions can scan entire infrastructures for open ports and other potentially dangerous vulnerabilities. While there’s no need for clients to understand the technical details, they should understand that proactively checking for vulnerabilities is less costly and less disruptive than fire-fighting unexpected issues. Forewarned is forearmed, as the saying goes.

3. Encourage Clients to Value their IT Assets

IT equipment is not cheap. In fact, for many companies it’s probably one of the most significant capital expenses. So, it’s only right to invest a small amount in making sure it’s properly monitored. The IT team needs to know if an expensive laptop goes walkabout – the prevention of just one issue like that could cover the cost of the asset tracking solution.

4. Discuss Compliance

Companies are subject to all kinds of compliance legislation relating to technology and information. Network auditing software makes it easy to spot and address potential breaches, without the need for constant, time-consuming manual checks.

5. Talk Money

While some might argue that a network auditing solution is a non-essential “nice-to-have” item, the cost involved can pale into insignificance compared to the cost of dealing with unexpected issues that could arise as a result of not having such a solution in place. Having network auditing in place is all about being completely in command of the infrastructure, safe from unpleasant bombshells!

It’s unlikely that any client will ever come to you and ask about a network auditing system without prompting. For this reason this need to get out there and sell the benefits. By concentrating on the five points above, you should find your customers easy to convince, and be well on the way to extra revenue and more manageable client networks.

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