Infographic: Web Protection – The Third Musketeer of IT Security

Debbie Thomson

In our latest Webinar Ian Trump, Security Lead at LogicNow (often mistaken for d’Artagnan, the young, impulsive 4th Musketeer) examined Web Protection and how it can help in the fight against cyber criminals following in the footsteps of Cardinal Richelieu.

Make no mistake, criminals have come a considerable way since the 17th century and the 21st century requires different security technologies to keep the foot soldiers of the Cyber Cardinal from claiming you as their next victim. In this webinar Ian will help you understand the business case for and multi-use capabilities of Web Protection. Combining Web Protection, Patch Management and Managed Antivirus as an “all for one, one for all” solution to the complexities of using the Internet for business and play.

To find out more simply watch the recording here: Web Protection - The Third Musketeer defending your business | WEBINAR or take a look at our infographic below for a quick overview of how Web Protection can help you.