Are SMBs safeguarding against data loss?

Debbie Thomson

As a small or medium sized business (SMB) finding the time to carry out mundane (but necessary) admin tasks, whilst still offering a good quality reliable service can be difficult. So it’s no surprise that many SMBs have come to rely heavily on technology to relieve the strain of these on-going tasks – enabling them to put more time and effort into actually running their businesses.

You would think that this reliance on technology would make SMBs more aware than most of the possible consequences for their business if the worst were to happen. Technical failures, natural disasters, human error – there are many possible threats to the smooth running of a business and it has been suggested that 60% of companies who lose data for whatever the reason, shut down within 6 months of the event.


Despite this figure a recent survey by GFI suggests that many SMBs are not actually taking the necessary precautions to safe guard against the loss of data, emphasizing the potential opportunity for MSPs to offer a comprehensive backup solution.

GFI conducted a survey of 200 IT systems administrators who work in US companies of less than 150 employees which revealed that many SMBs have lost both revenue and important company documents due to a failed backup – and yet the survey also discovered that many of those questioned are not putting the appropriate measures into place to prevent this from happening.

More than half of those surveyed (53%) admitted that they do not conduct daily backups, instead conducting backups on a weekly, fortnightly or in some cases monthly basis. Meaning if a backup were to fail the next most recent backup available could be months out of date.

There were a number of reasons cited for not doing so - from having too much data (10%) to finding it unnecessary or not having enough data to make it worth the effort (23%). Most interestingly, the survey suggested that many organizations of only 50-99 employees (75%) found conducting daily backups to be too disruptive for workplace productivity, suggesting that there is much room for improvement in the backup processes SMBs are using.

data-lossAs well as backing up infrequently it is also apparent from the results of the survey that many SMBs do not run regular tests to ensure their backup process is working effectively. In fact almost a third (32%) of those asked admitted to not testing their backup solutions - a simple precaution which could reduce the chance of a backup failure. This is quite an alarming fact when considering 14.5% of those surveyed indicated that they had already lost critical business information as a direct result of a failed backup.

It is clear that there can be improvements made to the way many SMBs are backing up data and when asked about this the biggest area pinpointed for improvement was speed with 31% of those questioned stating that they wanted their current processes to be faster. Another 19% indicated that they wished their current process was more efficient. As only 10% of respondents indicated that they are currently using a hybrid approach this could also be the next logical step for those who are looking for faster more efficient backup processes.

cloud-backupHowever almost two-thirds of companies surveyed are not managing their data backup through cloud at all citing cost, security and reliability as concerns, while others were simply still considering options.

It’s easy to see from the figures above that there is a clear revenue opportunity for MSPs - offering reliable Backup services to SMBs who are making do with slow and unreliable backup solutions!

GFI MAX have recently introduced a new backup product which could help MSPs offer the service SMBs are looking for. The MAX Backup tool is a Disc-to-Disc-to-Cloud solution which is reliable, ultra-secure and best of all it is automatic, removing the risk of data loss. As it is ready to use alongside your existing remote monitoring and management solution it is both easy to deploy and easy to manage.

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