MAX Remote Management can make an IT department more proactive

Jenny Carpenter

IT management has changed. Long gone are the days when a computer problem resulted in the user sitting impatiently waiting for a “techie” to attend and fix it.

Remote support tools have been used to enable IT departments and support providers to take control of infrastructures from a distance, but these tools have often had shortcomings and failed to address the management of PCs and servers completely.

Now, however, new service-based products such as ControlNow take a true “ground up” view of IT management, which integrates remote support with a host of other essential IT department tasks, including managing patches, protecting machines from viruses and other threats, and monitoring the overall infrastructure.

A move towards “Preventative IT”

Proof of just how much a system like ControlNow can change the working life of an IT department comes in the form of a recent case study, discussing how ControlNow has helped IT admin firm BVOXY adapt a far more proactive approach to computer support.

BVOXY’s technical director, Georgina Lloyd Parry, comments in the case study that just £208 per month for a ControlNow subscription can give centralized control of 80 geographically dispersed machines. This subscription covers antivirus, monitoring, and patch management as well as free asset tracking. Parry states that she has previously seen support costs of £1000 per month in engineer time running updates on a similar number of machines.

Obviously reducing the time IT professionals spend on routine tasks is a key benefit, but the implementation of ControlNow has also helped with a more profound move towards what Parry refers to as “preventative IT.” ControlNow’s central dashboard view provides her with an early warning of problems, helping her move away from reactive fire-fighting and frees up her time to spend on higher-level concerns, particularly “enabling” the business with the technology it needs to grow and succeed.

Centralized management

ControlNow is an effective way to make things easier for the IT team, according to a recent internal ControlNow survey: 61% specifically highlighted that centralized management was easier post-implementation.

Effective centralized management really comes into its own “out of hours” when a product like ControlNow can deal with routine tasks like deploying patches to applications and running virus scans – all those tasks that used to result in IT workers having to work during evenings and weekends.

Parry agrees, saying: “With ControlNow I achieve 10 times more work.” She particularly complements ControlNow’s fast agent installation and unnoticeable impact on system performance. She also praises the system’s email notifications, which alert her to urgent problems whilst minimizing disturbances because not all issues need her immediate attention.

As the case study states, “IT should be a partner in the business”. Proactive IT professionals should already know this, and know that a product that facilitates it can be worth its weight in gold.

Visit our website to read the full case study or start a free 30-day trial and find out how ControlNow could simplify your IT management.