Research Report: Is the ITSM industry on the verge of a data breakthrough?

Dan O'Keefe

Recently, we commissioned a study of over 350 IT service providers across the US, UK, Europe and Asia Pacific to discover where the industry stands in terms of adopting data-driven automation. Our research uncovered quite a few interesting stats and trends, including: 

  • 20% of the respondents have seen a return on investment of 100% or greater for their data-driven automation efforts.
  • 52% fear for service providers who don’t implement data-driven automation (6% even believe that failure to adopt will lead to going out of business).
  • 73% feel they will be able to deliver a range of new services as a result of data-driven automation.

Also, during our research, we discovered the biggest barriers to adopting data-driven automation, the top opportunities for IT service providers who do adopt data-driven automation and even the skills your peers expect to hire to support their data efforts.  

Dig deep into our research by downloading the full report for free.