Your new best friend: disruption reducing RM

Marc Thaler

At what point do disruptions become detrimental?

Before you answer, consider this: The average time it took interrupted workers in 2008 to circle back and continue their original assignment was 23 minutes, 15 seconds, according to a six-year-old study by Fast Company. Tech-related distractions alone have grown since then, so it stands to reason that the “recovery time” has risen as well.

Talk about counter-productive.

IT pros – particularly the ones wearing many hats in the businesses they serve—can surely speak from experience. They’re either dealing with constant interruptions, or they’re forced to disrupt co-workers whose computers raise red flags.

But every issue isn’t worthy of interruption. And that’s where ControlMonitoring—part of the cloud-based suite of services within ControlNow—has the capability to play a pivotal role.

ControlMonitoring now features “Service Manager,” a remote tool that enables you to work on PCs, laptops and servers at any time, from virtually anywhere. But what’s the key benefit of this to IT admins?

“With the new Service Manager, you no longer have to interrupt the workflow of end users to fix issues,” ControlNow product manager Elad Schreiber says. “You can now monitor and take proactive actions to remedy issues.”

Schreiber illustrates the benefit using the example of a faulty print spooler.

In Schreiber’s scenario, a member of the marketing staff calls the IT admin with a complaint: “I can’t print from my computer.”

The IT admin launches the service manager in ControlNow and sees that the print spooler service stopped. The remote tool enables him to restart the service without disrupting his co-worker.

There’s an additional advantage to this service as well: The IT admin can create a “Windows Service Check,” which is part of the monitoring service, for the print spooler. Once enabled to monitor that particular service, the remote tool will restart the service should the issue arise again.

“So this way, he is able to proactively act on future issues,” Schreiber says.

Print spooler monitoring is certainly a basic example. In terms of higher priority services worth monitoring, Schreiber identified two others: Windows Firewall and Windows Update. Both can be critical to the security of your business.

“In the old way, you would call up with a problem and I would need to come to your desk to fix it,” Schreiber says. “In the new way, I can fix the problem from the background, while you’re still working.”

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