MSP Website Templates - Redux

Scott Calonico

Building a website can really make your MSP stand out. We had some interesting discussions about different templates and content management systems that MSPs and IT support providers could use to get a website up and running on our last blog post, so I wanted to expound on the subject a little.more.

Maranatha brought up the following points: 

I've worked with all three of the CMS systems mentioned, so figured I'd throw my 2 cents in. Drupal and Joomla are powerful, but complex to get started. Wordpress is simpler, but seems to get compromised more than the others and tends to look like a blog.

One you might not have heard of, but is rapidly gaining popularity is Concrete5 It is easy to use, very clean, and worth taking a look at.

and RB had this to say:

I would add DotNetNuke ( to the list....and it's .NET and SQL server!

Thanks guys. Both are excellent suggestions. Can't say that I've personally used either one of them. I experimented with dot net nuke for a little bit, but not enough to be able to write confidently about all of its features.

The bottom line is to find a CMS platform that you're comfortable working with and serves your needs.

Because a good CMS makes it easy to do updates and posts, one solution would be to hire a developer to design and build the website, then start updating it yourself. Connecting a website to a blog, such as Blogspot or your Twitter account is dead simple. A website will provide your clients (and potential clients) with information about your background, certifications, availability and just about anything else you want to put up.