Top Secret MSP Telemarketing Technique Revealed!

John Black

secret folderIf you’re a managed services provider then there is no question that you have struggled with getting enough sales leads to grow your business. 

You have even probably tried making a few cold calls but were only frustrated by the evil gatekeepers asking, “Are they expecting your call?"

Sound familiar?

Don't worry, because there is a tried and true method that you can use, without duplicity, to get in contact with the decision maker and increase the effectiveness of your MSP telemarketing.

Learning By Trial And Error

When you first tried to tackle the problem with contacts you might have just leveled with the phone screener and told them it was an IT marketing call.  However, you probably quickly learned that brutal honesty doesn’t get you anywhere but straight to voicemail.

After getting directed to one voicemail box after another,  the frustration probably caused you to outright lie and say that your contact was expecting the call.  Of course, this success is always short lived as the decision maker usually doesn’t recognize your name and the call is never put through, or worse, once the call is put through the contact will know soon enough that it’s a sales call.

The Secret

The solution we developed was to approach the gatekeepers with vague phrases like, “I am calling back for Mr. Jones."  The difference this style can make is one of double meanings and plausible deniability, which means that if you have called for this prospect before, then you are literally ‘calling back’ for them.

The double meaning is that many call screeners might assume that you’re actually ‘returning the contact’s phone call’.  In the recent past only a small percentage of the receptionists actually would double check to make sure that you were actually returning a call. 

Why Are We Giving This Away?

To use a real life example, when the super powers sell weapons to the Third World countries or even to their future enemies, they don’t give them the latest technology; but rather they sell older weapons. Older weapons which they could easily destroy if they ever had to fight against them directly.

We can give away this little trick because it’s not as effective as it has been in the past and we have developed a far more superior tool. We can get contacts to take our calls much easier and even say something like this, “You have my full attention”.  This was actually said to one of our agents when they made contact and successfully set an appointment with a decision maker for a managed services presentation. 

Stay tuned to this channel as we will discuss more about MSP telemarketing tips and other new methods for getting contacts 10 times faster in upcoming blogs!

john blackJohn Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing on behalf of managed services providers.