MSP Sales Tips to Help Your Business Grow

Scott Calonico

pen writing on paperOnce you have built up a solid client base for your IT business, it is easy to get bogged down in day-to-day duties and complacent about ongoing income.

It is essential not to lose sight of your MSP sales and marketing strategy to ensure continual growth of your business and a stream of new clients.

This article provides five simple MSP sales tips to bring in new business and maximize revenue from existing clients.

Monitor the Marketplace

Always ensure you are up-to-date with new technical developments and that you have relevant products and services to offer new and existing clients.

Plenty of traditional IT service providers were caught unawares by the fast success of cloud services while still extolling the virtues of traditional client / server networks. Ensuring you are always at the forefront of new technology will prevent competitors stealing your clients with tempting new propositions.

Offer a Comprehensive Set of Services

As an MSP, there is really nothing IT-related that you cannot offer as part of your portfolio of services. It is customers getting servicetherefore foolish to allow clients to go to other providers for aspects of their services.

If you cannot provide all services directly, build up trusted partnerships with third parties who offer good products and rewarding commission structures. Most importantly, make sure your clients know that you offer these products and services before they look for them elsewhere.

Ensure those Selling have the Correct Knowledge

While many MSP sales strategies may include the use of true salespeople and possibly cold-callers, it usually works best to use these people solely for lead-generation. Strong prospects should be given access to technical staff to answer their pre-sales queries – most businesspeople have a good sense of when salespeople are hiding gaps in their knowledge.

Offer Free or Cheap Introductory Offers

A good MSP sales strategy for businesses that wish to get their foot in the door with new customers is to offer a free, no-obligation system review and audit.

While this can be time-consuming, it provides the perfect opportunity to prove your skills and subtly deliver a low-pressure sales pitch.

Make use of Existing Clients

Existing clients should never be forgotten as part of your MSP sales strategy for two reasons. Firstly, it will drawing of clientsusually be easier to sell new services to those with whom you have an existing relationship. Secondly, they can be valuable in pre-approving your services to new prospects.

If you provide a consistently good service, you will probably find that your existing clients refer you to new people occasionally, but you can take this a step further by offering a referral scheme. Offering clients discounts on their invoices for successful referrals will make them more likely to champion your services.

Above all, always make your priority the provision of first-class service. Businesses grow by cultivating an ever-growing database of happy customers – so never neglect existing clients while searching for new ones!

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